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is it worth it? 2018-02-08
lately the atmosphere is a bit ..., and it is not motivating at all to come here and try to do my work and feel that there is a certain animosity to ...
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special characters in titles 2017-06-09
We have been seeing special characters in titles. Please do not put these.    These types of characters can cause an issue without ou ...
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Frustrated 2015-09-07
I've spent all week trying to crochet the fingerless mittens Comet by Tanja Osswald, and I'm unable to do so I've done and undone it several times, an ...
(1) Views|(1) Comments
:( 2015-06-01
it's so sad and so frustrating to have so many projects to knit and crochet, and same time no having money to buy yarn... thousands of patterns just t ...
(13) Views|(2) Comments
hot weather 2015-05-29
it is very much hot, like if it were August, so it's hard to be knitting with this heat inside the flat yesterday I finished my pixie doll, and now it ...
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so busy week 2015-01-22
this week has been really busy I have flu, sore throut, feel dizzy, fever,  I have a  runny nose, then nose bleeding... so being at home an ...
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