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  • I'm so happy to be back! Thank goodness my Grandma is finally doing better! Family always comes first and I've missed my TrulyDIY family so much!!!   Reply
  • Happy stitchy Sunday!   Reply
  • The sun is shining and my stitches are calling my name! Time to play hooky for a while   Reply
  • First day of school went great! Let's see how day 2 and the first full day goes... Mommy is enjoying it so far   Reply
  • Have a happy stitchy week my friends! Back to school tomorrow for my little man   Reply
  • I have the bestest best friend ever! So glad he is here to visit!   Reply
  • Have a happy stitchy day my friends!   Reply
  • Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy, sunny day!   Reply
  • Please send prayers to those in my area affected by the flooding. We have never experienced anything like this. So many people are still stranded. We were stuck for 5 hours last night   Reply
  • Sunday....ALREADY!? Woo this weekend flew on by! Have a great day everyone!   Reply
  • Happy weekend TrulyDIY!   Reply
  • Watching tv and about to take a stitching break. It's been such a long day again   Reply
  • Wow ....TGIF! Again...ALREADY! Where is the time going?!   Reply
  • I hate pool cleaning...I don't even know how I manage it anymore   Reply
  • Yuck I feel like poop today...where did our summer go!? These lousy polar vortex things need to stay north! Brrr!   Reply
  • GenderFemale
  • CompanyHome
  • InterestsI enjoy crocheting, designing and painting my nails as well as drawing and painting in general. I also love spending time with my super awesome son and my BD! Such a lucky girl I am to have 2 amazing men in my life <3
  • PositionCaring for my little-big-baby boy and stitching whenever possible!!!
  • Real NameAmanda
  • Registering purposesTo make some new crafting pals :)
  • Job OccupationDisabled Stay at Home Mommy
  • Living CityOther / Other

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HoppyFrog2018-06-03 12:21
Miss you my friend, hope you are well  
chyna142018-01-12 17:29
It's been a while, so I stopped by to say hello! Miss you, Reppie!
HoppyFrog2017-12-13 19:53
..~~.. ..~~.. Hopping happily across your wall ..~~.. ..~~..
Miss you my sweet green friend  
Picxie2017-07-12 14:51
as a mother to dragons i had to come by and have a look at your guy... hello from one repti fan to another :)
HoppyFrog2017-05-19 13:18
Hopping by to wish you a 'hoppy day'!
RosaCampos2016-11-26 15:47
I hope you come back, I miss you, kisses
lizzie442016-04-15 19:57
Passing by to wish you a great weekend
snail2016-02-22 12:42
Hii Reptilegirl!! How are you?    I love your space hihi    Have a great week ! Lots of love ♥
chyna142016-01-26 20:19
Hi Rep! It's been a long time, but I wanted to say hello. I hope you're doing well!
waterlillie2016-01-02 10:19
Happy New Year!
Fancy2015-12-28 08:02
Hi dear I Whish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!!
tigger2015-12-26 17:08
Bouncing in to say hello to the little green reptile    ! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Ariamna2015-09-18 16:30
Have a lovely weekend :)
Tranquility2015-08-29 07:45
Missing you!
camelia2015-08-26 13:00
Hi ! Just popping by to say hello, it's been such a long time I haven't had any news ! Hope your doing fine... :-)
knytenknut2015-08-16 17:56
Just stopping by to admire your gorgeous space! Have a great week!
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