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  • GenderFemale
  • Day of birth8 - 3
  • InterestsAll types of arts and crafts, reading and writing. My latest crafty journeys include Adult Coloring, Crochet (again) and learning to Knit. Gotta love youtube :D
  • Education degreeBachelor
  • Registering purposesLike minded friends that share crafts love!

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Thinking about making more Tutorials.... 2017-12-07
While moderating I often run into things that members are having difficulty with. I would like to work on a series of tutorials/guides for members tha ...
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Update on Moderator Status! 2017-10-19
Greetings! I'm proud to announce that I'm now moderating additional forums here at 4Crafter! The new sections I'm moderating include:  Plast ...
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I'm a moderator again and couldn't be happier! 2017-08-15
I'm so excited to be back as a moderator in the Cross Stitch Forum. 4Crafter has always been home to me and it feels good to be back and able to help ...
(16) Views|(3) Comments
I am now a Crocheter 2014-12-14
After watching the "Crafty Minx" and her free crochet classes for several months, I think I am a crocheter. Her video classes are incredible and I hav ...
(101) Views|(3) Comments
Crochet Classes...the last set? 2014-10-08
Finally I think I have found the teacher and classes that will finally help me move out of this crochet rut and into practicing and making things for ...
(131) Views|(3) Comments
Less than a week until I start Crochet Classes again... 2014-10-01
I wanted to thank everyone that has stopped by and left comments for me in answer to my last blog post. I have spend many hours watching the different ...
(118) Views|(4) Comments

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craftymillipede2018-02-15 16:54
thanks for the rates, have a nice day
sukeina2018-02-12 11:04
passing by to say hello and wish you a happy week!
momof72018-02-08 14:00
Hi, Jazzi. Your old picture on the diary tormentor here. You will be happy to know that I have done a post with the correct size picture all by myself. There is hope for us newbies.
Hippobotts2018-02-03 16:13
Popping by to say hi
craftymillipede2018-01-08 05:47
Happy new year and thanks for the rates
HoppyFrog2018-01-04 20:54
Happy, Crafty New Year my friend    Thank you for all you do for the board!
pochacco2018-01-04 15:08
Thank you for answering my question, but can you tell me where I can find that pattern now?
happyhook2017-12-31 16:32
happy new year 2018
lizzie442017-12-29 20:53
Passing by to wish you
                     Happy New Year
HoppyFrog2017-12-25 12:30
Merry Christmas  
HoppyFrog2017-12-15 19:28
Glad you like the chart I posted     Have a great weekend!
HoppyFrog2017-12-13 19:41
Hopping by with another 'Thank You' for your help with the amazing, astonishing, vanishing information post       Appreciate your patience while I felt like I was loosing my mind, LOL! Have a 'hoppy' day  
HoppyFrog2017-12-03 20:34
Thanks for moderating my cross stitch charts, appreciated as always    Have a great rest of your weekend!
Jazzi2017-12-01 14:50
Testing :)
lizzie442017-11-28 19:11
Passing by to wish you a great day
HoppyFrog2017-11-20 16:58
Just hopping by to wish you a great day! Thanks for liking my posts, some new cross stitch goodies.  
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