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crochetnmama 2021-10-30 07:49
Good Morning. Thank you so much for the gift
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What is a Repaint? What is a Repaint Export? 2015-06-02
Lately, I've seen alot of repaints and repaint exports submitted in the wrong forum area.    I have also had members privately message me ...
(28) Views|(0) Comments
Attachment values: What are they and how to set them? 2015-03-25
Let's look at attachment prices.  Many members set different prices. Here's one for 3 diamonds: Here's one for 5 diamonds: ...
(103) Views|(3) Comments
Where is the Thread Title? 2015-03-23
Some members may be confused when moderators contact them about thread title format.  I wanted to take time to show you where it is. & ...
(1176) Views|(0) Comments
How do you check your own threads, replies, and comments? What about your friend ... 2015-03-04
Some users have asked this question in the help request.  I decided to make a tutorial to help.   For those who would like to check i ...
(86) Views|(0) Comments
How do you customize the header on your space? 2015-03-01
Click on your Avatar.  This will take you to your space. Now, click on the "dress space" under your avatar.  You will see ...
(1442) Views|(2) Comments
What are medals? How do you get them? 2015-02-25
Did you know that Members can earn Medals? There are two types of Medals 1 - Medals given by staff. 2 - Medals applied for by the member. ...
(1650) Views|(3) Comments
How to Play the Lottery 2015-02-17
You can do this every day and win extra diamonds and contributions.   Go up to the top of your window and look for the green word that is ...
(1414) Views|(0) Comments
How to Share or Transfer Diamonds 2015-02-10
You can transfer or share diamonds with other members.  You need to know their  username on here.  It is the one under their avatar. &n ...
(81) Views|(0) Comments
Magics: How to Use Diamonds 2015-02-06
If you go to your menu bar on the far right, you will see "My Center."  Click on that and you will see the following menu: Cli ...
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