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I'm so happy to be back! Thank goodness my Grandma is finally doing better! Family always comes first and I've missed my TrulyDIY family so much!!!  
2014-10-26 15:51 Reply|
Happy stitchy Sunday!  
2014-09-14 14:09 Reply|
The sun is shining and my stitches are calling my name! Time to play hooky for a while  
2014-09-04 14:34 Reply|
First day of school went great! Let's see how day 2 and the first full day goes... Mommy is enjoying it so far  
2014-09-03 12:22 Reply|
Have a happy stitchy week my friends! Back to school tomorrow for my little man  
2014-09-01 15:01 Reply|
I have the bestest best friend ever! So glad he is here to visit!  
2014-08-24 01:44 Reply|
Have a happy stitchy day my friends!  
2014-08-20 13:49 Reply|
Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy, sunny day!  
2014-08-17 15:08 Reply|
Please send prayers to those in my area affected by the flooding. We have never experienced anything like this. So many people are still stranded. We were stuck for 5 hours last night  
2014-08-12 14:40 Reply|
Sunday....ALREADY!? Woo this weekend flew on by! Have a great day everyone!  
2014-08-10 13:09 Reply|
Happy weekend TrulyDIY!  
  • ViviM: I wish the same for you! (8-9 15:01)
2014-08-09 01:46 Reply|
Watching tv and about to take a stitching break. It's been such a long day again  
2014-07-26 22:50 Reply|
Wow ....TGIF! Again...ALREADY! Where is the time going?!  
2014-07-25 02:08 Reply|
I hate pool cleaning...I don't even know how I manage it anymore  
2014-07-24 16:23 Reply|
Yuck I feel like poop today...where did our summer go!? These lousy polar vortex things need to stay north! Brrr!  
2014-07-23 13:39 Reply|
Ugh my internet is not cooperating tonight!!!  
2014-07-22 23:58 Reply|
Enjoying a quiet, childless Saturday! Stitching, Netflix and Moderating... sounds fantastic to me!!!  
2014-07-19 13:09 Reply|
2014-07-18 13:38 Reply|
Ugh I still feel like poo poo today. At least I only have one more lousy PT appointment for the final evaluation  
2014-07-17 15:10 Reply|
Miserable today  
2014-07-16 16:50 Reply|

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