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Stay Home, Stay Safe, Be Well! 2020-04-10
Hope all are doing well during this scary time. Just sending warm wishes for health and happiness to all. Take this time to remind your loved ones you ...
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Attack Kitty! 2018-04-11
My cat, who thinks she is a dog, also thinks she can sneak up on the geese in our yard. It is so funny watching her creep across the lawn getting clos ...
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Welcome Spring! 2018-03-23
I am so excited for the change of seasons. The world outside my window is still covered in snow and very grey looking. The evergreens give just enough ...
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Happy New Year Friends! 2018-01-01
Wishing all my friends a Happy, Healthy and all things Crafty New Year!
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Have A Crafty Day! 2017-05-19
Wishing all a happy day full of crafty fun with sprinkles of love We all share our love of all things crafty and creative... what a great starting p ...
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2014-12-22 2014-12-22
Sending all the warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas with all the love and laughter you can handle, big hugs!
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