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I Did It All:) 2015-02-04
Dear Blog (& Friends Who Read This), Today was a busy day. Everything I had planned I did and then some.  I woke up & had breakfast and promised ...
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2015-02-03 2015-02-03
Hi Blog & whomever else is reading this:) Why is it that whenever I write in my blog, I somehow must be hitting something that makes my blog go away I ...
(20) Views|(6) Comments
My Day Today 2015-02-02
Hello Blog:) Well, Here we are in February already:) I remember when summer was coming to an end, seemed just like yesterday!  We had some snow o ...
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Knitting, Football 2015-02-01
Hi Blog & Those Who Read My Blog:) I am almost finished with Yorkie #2.  I justh ave to be careful how I place the head.  I cannot believe ...
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YORKIE, Knitting, Football 2015-01-31
Hello Blog, Today was a pretty quiet day:)  We left the house around 11'ish to pick up hubby's glasses.  Why he bought them I do not know:) ...
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2015-01-30 2015-01-30
Hello Blog (& all my friends who read this:)), Today I found out I have a weird skin illness.  I get what looks like welts on my legs, something ...
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