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slooooooooooooooowww 2018-02-06
OMG, one can spend a lot of life time while waiting for an upload.............
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have a peaceful new year! 2017-12-27
 I wish all my buddies , friends and all nice people out there a happy new year. May sanity and reason overcome the liars and hate-preachers, th ...
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eeek 2017-12-10
just found out, that I've got a mouse in the cellar . I like mice- as long as they are where they belong to- outside!
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oops- I did it again............. 2016-10-01
 paid for my own upload and tried to rate me. Too many patterns, my dear self, too many patterns. Or? Wait......
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hoo..... 2016-06-03
... today I've got two medals and am pretty proud...........
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never too much ;) 2015-11-06
you know that you've got too much patterns, when you download your own post, leave a comment and then try to rate it..........!!
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