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Sometimes reality is fancier than dreams! 2018-08-03
Hello reader, hope you're having a decent day in this hot summer. For the past four months I have been worried for a dear friend of mine. ...
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Rants and considerations... again... 2018-06-24
Hello everyone. I won't hide around a complicated round of words but go straight to the point. I consider crocheting a main hobby of mine. To feed th ...
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Earthquake in Mexico 2017-09-20
What a horrible news to wake up to. My heart sank at the sight of all those ruins and cannot imagine how people must feel at this very moment.... the ...
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Another one of my approved threads ended up in the bin! 2017-06-19
Hello and thanks for stopping by and reading this. I feel quite low at the moment. For the second time now, diamonds and contributions have been take ...
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  • InterestsI love classic literature, especially British and Italian (Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and Giovanni Verga are my most favourite authors) and adore anything related to it, incl. the UK tv costume dramas. Very much into movies, retro TV shows (who doesn't love I love Lucy and Bewitched... to name but the two very best ever?), baking and travelling. I am fond of theatre [musicals and non-Shakespearean plays] and Opera (Giuseppe Verdi forever!). Most recently I renewed my interest in crochet and knitting and hope to improve my poor skills.

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