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thestitchercat2019-01-14 13:43
Jazzi: You are minutes away from a READ ONLY BAN! STOP posting Diary threads NOW!!
I have just sent a private message to you please read it
ErikaCezar2018-12-18 21:46
Hello, how are you? I'm doing all my comments in English. I apologize, but I'm sure everyone is in English, everyone. I really did not understand why they made this review. Is it because I put the automatic translation on the page? How would you confirm this doubt?
Patricia-12018-12-14 06:53
Jazzi, have a very nice Friday and a great weekend. :)
lizzie442018-12-02 03:10
Thank you for visiting
Happy Sunday
lizzie442018-11-27 01:16
Passing by to wish you a great new week
mado052018-11-23 13:28
Hello Jazzi. I wanted to put a thread "boat" in "other handworks diary" but I do not know what happened, I wanted to write the text and I was not at the bottom of the page, and this threat "boat" was registered empty . So I redid another thread. I really apologize, and if you want it and if you have the time, could you delete this useless registration? Thank you very much in advance Jazzi. I certainly made a mistake but I don't see which!
littlekiddle2018-11-15 12:24
Thank you for replying to my thread. Was a little unsure about user permissions, but much clearer now! :) (sorry if you got this twice)
momof72018-10-24 22:49
Hi, Jazzi, is this the right place to ask for my work in progress Trick or Treat counted cross stitch thread to be changed to a completed project thread? I hope I updated the pictures correctly. I posted them at the end because that was all I could find to post new pictures. Let me know if I have to do something different. And thank you. Really, thanks a lot.
MissBamboo2018-09-10 15:59
Hi Jazzi,

I received a message from you; however, my current user group does not allow me to send PMs. Therefore, I am trying you here.

In regards to Pattern Number... The pattern number is listed in the Designer's store from where I made the purchase. Should I not include the pattern number if it's not included in the pattern itself?
SissyB2018-08-18 07:23
Hi Jazzi
i received a message telling you commented one of my post but i can't find it... so i can't reply... :(
it was about Pebble flinkston pattern, in english crochet section... i signaled it because thumbnail shows Prensesin Oyuncaklari 's pattern, and inside the post, it's Demet Özdoğan designs's one...
i replied to the topic to be able to download, and and signaled it to tell 4crafter about the mistake.
i hope what i am saying is clear enough ;)
have a nice day
Nina Hobbysite2018-08-17 12:09
Hi Jazzi,
I can't answer on the PM. Because I haven't permissions.
Thank you for answer and deleted my uploaded chart.
I want to help and give other people great charts. And no, It was hard to count the stitches on this chart. But don't worry I NEVER uploaded a chart anymore.
Have a nice day and weekend!
paulamm2018-08-03 17:20
Just passing by to wish you a Happy Birthday!
Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)
nora2018-08-02 19:27
Hi Jazzi, Happy Birthday! I wish you to spend a wonderful day with your family and friends. :)
HoppyFrog2018-06-27 18:18
Just popping in with a little hello    enjoy the rest of your week!
Mimi25252018-06-18 22:40
Hi Jazzi, I don't think i have ever been to your wall before. Although it looks familiar? I visited a newbies' wall and saw you on the visitors list and i had just posted a message reply to you and was still thinking, "i wonder if she will be offended by what i said?" See, i held on to that pattern for a long time, wondering if it was acceptable. Really sorry if i sounded argumentative.
zimt1232018-05-30 02:47
Hello Jazzi! Congrats on your newly acquired medal.  
aysekz2018-05-21 20:47
Congratulations on your new medal!
Have a happy day  
nora2018-05-18 20:19
Hello Jazzi, congratulations on your new medal!
Have a happy weekend! :)
lizzie442018-05-18 13:44
Congratulations on your new medal
Enjoy your day
HoppyFrog2018-04-01 12:31
Happy Easter my friend    Hope you have a lovely day!


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