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winonajl: I just learned how to use a knitting loom... yeah, it's cheating for sure.  BUT between my mom & I we made 36 beenie hats & a few scarves for a classroom of local children & their wonderful teacher. ...
  • momof7: I don't consider it cheating if it is the only way I can actually knit something (and it is!). More power to you for the successful production of hats and scarves! (12-30 12:30)
  • winonajl: The hats turned out really nice--I'm actually thinking about picking up a pair of needles now! (12-30 12:59)
  • momof7: I hope you do try it. Good luck to you. (12-30 13:04)
2018-12-03 11:53 Reply|
mdelacruzpaula: booby the dinocorn
2018-12-02 08:01 Reply|
2018-12-02 08:00 Reply|
craftyqueen: Working on a few shawls ! hope to get them finished for Christmas but this heat we are having here is unbearable right now !
2018-11-30 15:52 Reply|
katyclaasen: working on a teddy at the moment.. not much time as i work also  :)
2018-11-26 10:33 Reply|
MrsMezzer: So many patterns but so little time  
2018-11-13 10:56 Reply|
michellebarlow: My Children will be guarding the local cenotaph for the 100th remembrance day service proud mama of 3 army cadets  
2018-11-11 09:02 Reply|
Dancing_Diva: Away till 25th November
  • Patricia-1: I wish you a Happy New Year DD. :) (12-28 12:02)
2018-11-04 08:19 Reply|
AngelinaRos@FB: Ive been away for a while but Im back and super happy to be working on my cross stitch again
2018-11-03 17:20 Reply|
michellebarlow: argggh making clothes for primrose forgot to change needle size.. restart lol  
2018-11-03 06:44 Reply|
bukris: At last it is snowing! But sad snow disappears the same moment...
2018-10-30 04:51 Reply|
michellebarlow: starting another primrose rabbit tonight really love that pattern
2018-10-27 23:46 Reply|
michellebarlow: gonna have a relaxing weekend all 3 of my yougest kids are off to cadet events for the weekend  
2018-10-26 15:34 Reply|
michellebarlow: heres to another day of hoping to finish primrose lol .. clothes take longer than i realised to knit in smaller sized needles lol
2018-10-24 09:16 Reply|
michellebarlow: gonna try and finish primrose rabbit today .. always getting distracted by life lol  
2018-10-23 08:29 Reply|
michellebarlow: another project started time for a rabbit from mary janes tearoom  
2018-10-22 08:00 Reply|
michellebarlow: been along weekend kids had a horror movie night sleepover . meant i got no sleep lol oh well hopefully get some knitting done this week
2018-10-21 18:04 Reply|
bukris: Sunny autumn day here in Norway! And our family is going to the sea  
2018-10-21 05:28 Reply|
michellebarlow: been working on new kitty today hopefully will be complete with dress tomorrow but sleep is calling  
2018-10-19 23:43 Reply|
bukris: At last reached Garden Crafter! Now long way to Junior Crafter  
  • Patricia-1: bukris a very long time, I have the same problem and not much work to post. (10-20 09:01)
2018-10-19 17:17 Reply|

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