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Heilig: studying for my exam  
2019-01-13 14:32 Reply|
Adelia: Happy Old New Year  
2019-01-13 05:19 Reply|
craftyqueen: Hope everyone had a great new year.. it's time for me to finish off those projects that I keep starting !!
2019-01-12 16:22 Reply|
Wendyjones092: So very happy
2019-01-12 08:25 Reply|
Nina Hobbysite: I'm 21 weeks pregnant. And the creativity is slowly coming back. Morning sickness is still there, but I have medication!
  • momof7: I'm glad you're feeling better, Nina, and congratulations on your pregnancy! (1-24 12:23)
  • Nina Hobbysite: Thank you! (2-6 14:09)
2019-01-11 15:35 Reply|
annna: It has stopped snowing now, but very windy, cold, brrr.... I spam you with weather updates, haha  
2019-01-08 08:43 Reply|
annna: It's snowing today, and some wind. I've finally finished my doily, now it needs to be blocked :-) I wish you a lovely Tuesday!
2019-01-08 05:23 Reply|
Wendyjones092: Having such a.great day hope you are as well
2019-01-07 04:14 Reply|
annna: Soon finished my doily, in the mean time I've started a Barbi dress (hm), I've made a tiny doily for yarn test (didn't have the right green), and started small amigurumi doll - only have thin yarn.
2019-01-06 08:27 Reply|
Chipsie: Love to crochet  
2019-01-04 13:48 Reply|
Chipsie: Previous summer I finished the Bohemian Blues and it's really nice yarn. I love to wear it!
2019-01-03 18:06 Reply|
annna: I crochet on small doily  
2019-01-03 15:35 Reply|
BLAUB: Wishing a very very healthy and happy new year for 2019 !!
2019-01-01 05:40 Reply|
BLAUB: Christmas ornaments and some gifts...
2018-12-30 12:57 Reply|
Wendyjones092: Very Blessed
2018-12-27 01:44 Reply|
uncinetto1947: I love to create with crochet, a little of everything in my free time.
2018-12-23 04:45 Reply|
Wendyjones092: Supremely Happy
2018-12-17 07:28 Reply|
Wendyjones092: Its another really warm sunny day. Should anyone in the northern hemisphere be weary of the cold, you are more then welcome o come and visit
2018-12-16 02:56 Reply|
Adelia: Until the New Year, just a little bit remains ...
2018-12-14 04:00 Reply|
Nina Hobbysite: I'm 16 weeks pregnant. And no creativity at all. I hope it's come back soon.
2018-12-07 03:31 Reply|

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