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    breakitdown: Today I'm recovering from a stomach bug with some easy sport weight sock knitting!  I dug out a skein of Online 6-ply, in my favorite colors of blue, so guess who will have a new pair of socks?
    3 day(s) agoReply|
    Ivania: In crochett adiction  
    4 day(s) agoReply|
    craftyqueen: getting ready for christmas making Amigurumi's with my very little spare time !
    5 day(s) agoReply|
    craftyqueen: Forever Happy
    2017-11-15 04:06Reply|
    AylaSchreurs@G: just hoping to make a deadline  
    2017-11-10 09:50Reply|
    SylviaJarret@G: Meant to be sleeping for a early start but ended up on here lol
    2017-11-09 09:55Reply|
    Adelia: November has come... Autumn
    2017-11-03 04:48Reply|
    Handy: Happy Halloween my friends
    2017-10-31 11:16Reply|
    danigu: trying to finish abandoned projects in a corner of the closet, to make way for dolls and other projects to customize that I have in mind!
    2017-10-28 01:27Reply|
    danigu: today is a very cold day perfect for crocheting lying down with a warm tea and a good movie
    2017-10-26 19:34Reply|
    jackse: Changed my avatar in something very sweet
    2017-10-25 14:06Reply|
    AstroKitty: Bear: done; elephant: done; doll: done ... Starting a new project a Melancholy Bunny, my first time using chenille yarn   : it's not easy at all to undo stitches if you make them wrong!
    2017-10-25 06:14Reply|
    pochacco: I've been finishing projects lately! I wrote a blog about the big change. :)
    2017-10-23 15:02Reply|
    AstroKitty: A dragon, a doll, an elephant, a bear, a shawl, several hats ...                  
    2017-10-23 14:07Reply|
    Sirya: Started with Christmas commissions  
    2017-10-23 03:51Reply|
    BLAUB: Now it is time to start to prepare christmas !!
    2017-10-20 07:25Reply|
    grapefruit: does anyone have a pattern for a  baby dress in sewing
    2017-10-18 16:46Reply|
    V Fether: OK, so, I have run into a couple snags - my wi-fi has gone out and mom (I'm full-time caretaker) has been ill so I haven't been able to get a new one. Miss the forum and will be back!  
    2017-10-18 14:55Reply|
    Freken.Snork: i am currently engaged with a CAL for a sweater, but as it is going slow - body part - BOOOORING, i have to switch to the shawl.. hopelessly trying to make one thing at a time  
    2017-10-18 06:22Reply|
    scratchyhat: It's a little foggy this morning, but it should shape up into a pretty day.
    2017-10-15 08:34Reply|


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