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    vickyvicky: so cold
    Yesterday 00:21Reply|
    knytenknut: Have a great weekend!  
    3 day(s) agoReply|
    desray: Finished my Doctor Who and Messenger dragon cross stitches, started a Calgary Flames logo and am almost done it but will be doing it again in different colours; Fairytale 2% done & Enchanted Glade 10% ...
    4 day(s) agoReply|
    Izzy: getting ready for Valentines Day
    5 day(s) agoReply|
    86866874: Spring Festival approaching,This month on the 28th~~~~~ Look forward to the Spring Festival holiday
    6 day(s) agoReply|
    Rowenaterrace: Currently, I am working on the ice cream cone from Lalylala's summer season crochet pattern.  I am trying to get a space set up in my bedroom for my sewing machine so I can start some sewing projects.
    7 day(s) agoReply|
    ButterflyBlue: New music added to my space..
    2017-01-08 05:46Reply|
    ButterflyBlue: New butterfly wall for the New Year...       Added a wee bit of red...
    2017-01-07 10:22Reply|
    Adelia: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!
    2017-01-07 05:37Reply|
    Handy: Happy New 2017
    2017-01-03 15:18Reply|
    guyanfang: For love to make sacrifices, where to be understood do not feel wronged, where to be cherished do not feel hard
    2017-01-02 19:57Reply|
    sukeina: welcoming the New year
    2017-01-02 09:36Reply|
    ButterflyBlue: Sad sack today... My daughter has gone back to England.. Don't know when I will see her again...
    2017-01-02 00:15Reply|
    ButterflyBlue: Happy New Year!! Reds posted!!! Better be quick...
    2016-12-31 20:43Reply|
    britty: Happy New Year!  I am going to be crocheting and eating.  
    2016-12-31 16:30Reply|
    jackse: A very happy 2017
    2016-12-31 15:03Reply|
    ReaS: I wish Happy New Year for everyone. :)
    2016-12-31 14:46Reply|
    Danie: Happy new year for everyone.....
    2016-12-31 00:34Reply|
    Whitehorse: Finally turning cold here.  Burrrrrr
    2016-12-30 23:19Reply|
    Adelia: Happy New Year 2017 !
    2016-12-30 13:38Reply|


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