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    BLAUB: I have to decide and make priorities... but how ??
    10 hour(s) agoReply|
    mbptrda: I'm done!! all right!!  The dress is already finished!!.  Now I'm messing with the diaper cover!! there is a little less!!
    3 day(s) agoReply|
    kpv: Currently I am making three dolls for my daughter and her friends    
    4 day(s) agoReply|
    2017-09-12 09:19Reply|
    Basakdpt: I took a break from it, focused on another project :(
    2017-09-12 02:38Reply|
    Golden: Love is in the air...
    2017-09-11 14:15Reply|
    JokeMuller: Youngest son : Mom, the potholder you made (the one I posted as panflap, thanks to google translate ) is great. but I cant empty a hot one (not only hold one).So, please? MMM.. OK
    2017-09-09 02:35Reply|
    2017-09-02 16:03Reply|
    ButterflyBlue: Spring has sprung in my little part of the world..To celebrate I have decorated my wall and uploaded some reds.. Enjoy!
    2017-09-02 01:43Reply|
    yny: I'm making a Charizard (Pokemon), like a christmas gift for a charity in a school of my city. I hope the spring is coming soon, this winter have being too cold and rainy, I need sun, please.
    2017-08-31 14:32Reply|
    2017-08-25 00:21Reply|
    BLAUB: I would like to make something with macrame...
    2017-08-24 11:09Reply|
    Merry Poppins: tooday is so fine day!!!! what about you?
    2017-08-23 10:45Reply|
    JokeMuller: Started at my new job. Training first; need to know your product! Hopefully there will soon be time for some bigger projects than my last two
    2017-08-22 01:17Reply|
    djr: I am crocheting a spa set for my oldest daughter out of cotton yarn, white and turquoise.
    2017-08-18 18:18Reply|
    Marida: Working on this little unicorn http://www.4crafter.com/thread-139102-1-1.html
    2017-08-18 11:49Reply|
    JokeMuller: Still busy with life; time flies. Next Monday my new job starts for real. And Saturday next week my youngest leave home to go to study in another town. A lot of changes to come.
    2017-08-18 09:45Reply|
    knytenknut: 2000h - I'm in the pink!
    2017-08-17 18:12Reply|
    knytenknut: 2Kh -  a lot of fun!
    2017-08-17 16:25Reply|
    2017-08-16 22:12Reply|


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