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nbkat2: Such a beautiful day today. I'm sitting outside crocheting a doll and listening to the birds sing around me. lol Few things more relaxing than that on a sunny July day.
  • momof7: I've been trying to talk myself into mowing the lawn. Not convinced yet, but I will be if I imagine what it will be like if I leave it too long. I think I like listening to birds better. (7-17 18:16)
  • nbkat2: My brother mows the lawn for me. I can't sit properly on the mower due to bad knees. It is very nice listening to the birds calling. I enjoy their songs better than my music these days. lol (7-17 21:32)
The day before yesterday 14:19 Reply|
nbkat2: What a scorcher it is today! Wow! Hope everyone is staying cool out there.
2019-07-03 17:03 Reply|
nbkat2: Happy Canada Day everyone!  
2019-07-01 19:22 Reply|
maket: I cannot fix errors when uploading photos Someone please help me
2019-06-30 01:44 Reply|
craftyqueen: I’m doing nothing !!! I haven’t crocheted in 2 weeks .... lost my Crojo :(
2019-06-22 16:57 Reply|
nbkat2: Thank you to everyone that stopped by in the last month. I apologize for not answering all of you but I'm been quite busy. I'll post some pictures of what I've been working on shortly.  
2019-06-15 13:25 Reply|
Justake: lalala~~~~
2019-06-08 07:24 Reply|
IrishKitteh: Finished the Janlynn Cranes, but I can't upload the photo to here, it won't let me    =^;^=
2019-06-05 14:38 Reply|
nbkat2: Working on a golfer for the last couple of days. I need to start a young boy with a fishing rod soon. He'll be part of a silent auction my mother's Father's Day dinner. ;)
2019-05-29 11:32 Reply|
Grinch: I do not understand, how I can to put avatar for me. Its do not work, can you help me?  
2019-05-19 15:22 Reply|
nbkat2: Almost finished a second doll from Magali's CAL pattern. I've modified this one to be a beach one. :)
2019-05-18 12:25 Reply|
eilish: Making a Hickory Dickory Dock from an Alan Dart pattern, with alterations to take a real clock.  It will be another for the sale for our local blind association.
2019-05-15 04:19 Reply|
nbkat2: Really enjoying working on Magali's doll CAL. The body works up quite quickly. Trying to be patient for the next part coming out tomorrow.  
2019-05-03 12:47 Reply|
SureT:   Losing interest. Spring is fully upon us. There is so much to do in my everyday life that craft time is at a minimum. Added to that the fact that I do not crochet or Knit ...
2019-04-26 09:15 Reply|
nbkat2: YEAH!!! Finally finished making all 100 stars. Now all I have to do is add on the keychain and they're done! Woohoo!
2019-04-25 11:43 Reply|
nbkat2: Happy Easter Monday to one and all! Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful day!  
2019-04-22 13:08 Reply|
nbkat2: Another beautiful, warm spring day here. Almost finished my latest project. Yeah! The order was reduced from 150 stars to 100 which is great. Only problem is I must stitch the year on each now. :(
2019-04-12 12:26 Reply|
Belinda1st: Working on my crochet cotton spring scarf but spring has already arrived here, well there is always next year    Nice new week to all of you!
2019-04-08 03:21 Reply|
veronicaroma@G: Knitting
2019-04-05 15:31 Reply|
Nina Hobbysite: I'm 33 weeks pregnant. And I'm stitching and knitting again. Morning sickness is still there, but I have medication
2019-04-05 04:30 Reply|

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