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nbkat2: Feeling much better than last week. Have been doing some pattern testing which inspired my creative side.   
3 day(s) ago Reply|
nbkat2: I'm having a hard time this week. Not sleeping well and no interest or energy to engage anything. Last night a friend asked my help to test a crochet pattern and it helped. I'm feeling good again.
6 day(s) ago Reply|
nbkat2: So I didn 't get BamBam made in time. No real surprise there. Because everything is closed down for the next month I have a bit more time to finish him and Pebbles. No reason to be bored here. lol
2020-03-22 10:37 Reply|
nbkat2: Got a rush order this week for a BamBam and Pebbles. I think it will take a miracle to get both done in time but I'll go down trying.    Hope you're all having a wonderful week!
2020-03-12 12:44 Reply|
hobsies: trying to make a start at my 100things-to-do-list
2020-03-11 05:46 Reply|
hobsies: trying to make a start at my 100things-to-do-list
2020-03-11 05:46 Reply|
tamasagnes74: unfortunately my membership has expired,I slipped off the extension!I'm not going to have time here lately!   :( I'll take a break and I'll come again!
2020-03-11 01:12 Reply|
tamasagnes74: Happy weekend friends!
2020-03-05 01:11 Reply|
tamasagnes74: Thank you very much to everyone who thought about me yesterday!   
2020-03-03 01:21 Reply|
tamasagnes74: Today is my 46th birthday! I'm getting old fast! holiday   on the occasion of   red on my site! :)
2020-03-02 01:24 Reply|
2020-02-28 06:33 Reply|
nbkat2: Sorry for not being around much. I'm working hard on my military dolls right now. Hope everyone is having a wonder full week and the weekend brings you lots of crafty time.  
2020-02-27 12:22 Reply|
tamasagnes74: fall the rain! Very depressing!
2020-02-27 01:15 Reply|
tamasagnes74: The disease won!   We fell completely into the flu!   
2020-02-23 02:33 Reply|
Mrswoo: With so many wonderful patterns Im not even cooking
2020-02-21 03:28 Reply|
tamasagnes74: I wish everyone a happy new day!   
2020-02-18 01:25 Reply|
tamasagnes74: Happy Thursday to all my dear friends!
2020-02-13 00:58 Reply|
tamasagnes74: it is a very bad time all the time the rain and the ice and the storm wind are falling. I wish everyone a nice day
2020-02-12 02:06 Reply|
nbkat2: Busy busy busy these days. Finally took the plunge and opened my own store on Feb 1st. Now I have an outlet for all those ideas! What a rush! I am so blessed to have such wonderful, crafty friends!
  • momof7: You are so lucky. I'm very happy for you and your new enterprise. It sounds exciting. (2-6 13:12)
2020-02-04 12:28 Reply|
tamasagnes74: wish a happy week to all my dear friends!
2020-02-03 10:14 Reply|

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