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    knytenknut: no fever today
    3 day(s) agoReply|
    knytenknut: fever and cough  
    6 day(s) agoReply|
    7 day(s) agoReply|
    Harrows: So relieved to have finally made Garden Crafter - i feel like its really hard to fully interact with this site until you do.  
    2017-05-18 03:26Reply|
    2017-05-18 03:24Reply|
    mdelacruzpaula: tejiendo roberto salchicha by pica pau
    2017-05-16 07:30Reply|
    knytenknut: Gifts & Music
    2017-05-14 09:10Reply|
    ImaHooker: Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!
    2017-05-14 08:54Reply|
    ButterflyBlue: Mother's Day here in Aussie land.. Hope all you Mums have an awesome day.. Hugs BB
    2017-05-14 00:37Reply|
    kpv: I am working on Hermiona for my daughter. She is a big fan of Ema Watson    and now I am stuck with making a great looking doll.
    2017-05-13 04:27Reply|
    Freken.Snork: i have started (yet again) the sweater i frogged like 2 months ago. with the yarn that i bought like 2 years ago  
    2017-05-10 16:51Reply|
    mbptrda: Designing a dress for my WIP  (Aitana's baby doll) and sculpting face, belly button and tushy  
    2017-05-10 11:14Reply|
    Aliatrix: Magnolias blooming in my state. Spring is springing! :)
    2017-05-09 13:55Reply|
    V Fether: OK everyone, I am thinking I may be able to spend more time online and on the forum.  
    2017-05-07 16:08Reply|
    Aliatrix: Exploring 4Crafter as a Garden Crafter.  
    2017-05-07 00:26Reply|
    Adelia: Spring, May, Victory!
    2017-05-06 07:06Reply|
    2017-05-03 16:18Reply|
    luckypenny: in the mood of crocheting many many dogs. especially pugs at the moment. Finding them super cute!
    2017-04-25 09:11Reply|
    Picxie: Wondering how many times you can mend a broken heart..
    2017-04-25 07:16Reply|
    ButterflyBlue: ANZAC DAY... Some reds posted in rememberance...
    2017-04-24 21:41Reply|


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