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    Nina Hobbysite: It's so sunny here! :D
    6 day(s) agoReply|
    Nina Hobbysite: I'm still not feeling well. But I'm going to cross stitch this evening. I think I'm going to work on Amazing Animal Kingdom from Aimee Stewart (chart from Heaven and Earth Designs)
    7 day(s) agoReply|
    Nina Hobbysite: The spring is in the Netherlands . I try to knit on my sock. But I'm a little bit sick .
    2018-04-17 07:58Reply|
    sygma: Just do it!  
    2018-04-14 18:25Reply|
    sygma: It's time to sleep totally!..
    2018-04-13 18:24Reply|
    HoppyFrog: My Header is the geese who are visiting in our yard    so beautiful to watch.
    • momof7: Nature at it's finest. Better than TV, too. (4-17 18:04)
    2018-04-11 17:09Reply|
    Merry Poppins: hello every body!!!
    2018-04-11 09:52Reply|
    shibori: bored and wishing I was inspired to do something.
    2018-04-11 02:52Reply|
    DragonflyKJ: Why is it I lose motivation when attempting to make something for myself  
    2018-04-09 19:30Reply|
    paulamm: This weekend I began to do the zabbez' rose Roxy...
    2018-04-08 18:23Reply|
    Alexa: I'm waiting for summer
    2018-04-03 09:10Reply|
    DragonflyKJ: So very full of chocolate I may need to roll to bed tonight  
    2018-04-02 05:43Reply|
    paulamm: My actual project is  little prince, following the Emine Bostancı pattern, which I found here in the forum...
    2018-03-30 11:29Reply|
    TinToyBox: Happy Easter everyone!  Wishing you some crafting time.
    2018-03-30 02:14Reply|
    DragonflyKJ: Busy, busy, busy! Easter in 2 days and I am not at all organised  
    2018-03-29 18:27Reply|
    BLAUB: Eastern is coming ! The difficulty is to make choices between all these marvelous crocheted possibilities...
    2018-03-29 06:06Reply|
    desray: Finished Seaside Treasures and started Mirabilia's Lady of the Mist, about 15% done. Haven't worked on Summer Sampler in a while so still at 20%
    2018-03-28 12:37Reply|
    2018-03-27 17:19Reply|
    paulamm: I am doing a little Easter Bunny!
    2018-03-26 06:31Reply|

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