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    luckypenny: in the mood of crocheting many many dogs. especially pugs at the moment. Finding them super cute!
    9 hour(s) agoReply|
    Picxie: Wondering how many times you can mend a broken heart..
    10 hour(s) agoReply|
    ButterflyBlue: ANZAC DAY... Some reds posted in rememberance...
    Yesterday 21:41Reply|
    marissalopez: happy weeks  
    Yesterday 14:51Reply|
    Freken.Snork: need to finish Theo the Tulip soon!
    Yesterday 05:14Reply|
    marissalopez: happy sundays  
    The day before yesterday 10:38Reply|
    tamdoan: I feel very tired, but i am happy! ^_^
    The day before yesterday 10:09Reply|
    Picxie: Jumping on the giraffe crazyness and making a baby giraffe.. im not having a laugh  
    3 day(s) agoReply|
    marissalopez: happy weekends  
    4 day(s) agoReply|
    ButterflyBlue: New wall up.. New reds posted.. Enjoy!
    4 day(s) agoReply|
    marissalopez: Today is a tiring day. I'm far from the forum. I missed you all. Good evening
    5 day(s) agoReply|
    cteira: Working on a lovely cross stitch kit I picked up at a local close-out store for a great price. I haven't cross-stitched in years and I'm really enjoying it.
    6 day(s) agoReply|
    marissalopez: Happy beautiful sunny and fun days my wish
    6 day(s) agoReply|
    marissalopez: Happy Tuesday  
    7 day(s) agoReply|
    welbelove: really need to update things more often!! Lol
    7 day(s) agoReply|
    KayC: Working on a tunisian scarf pattern
    2017-04-17 09:41Reply|
    Picxie: Having fun decorating my space.
    2017-04-17 06:14Reply|
    marissalopez: happy weeks:)
    2017-04-17 04:33Reply|
    marissalopez: happy weeks:)
    2017-04-17 04:32Reply|
    marissalopez: happy easter too you
    2017-04-16 04:42Reply|


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