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    Sharethe mobiles are slowing the world
    Daniela-Iuli@G2017-09-25 04:08
    the mobiles are slowing the world, the momentum (the mobile-absorbed people needs a bit more time to react to the environment, and sometimes are stopping, waiting to walk, blocking the way) so sad are these people, so not fulfill with joy, let's call them: handi (from handi-capatos) I was wo ...
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    ShareThe sun is shining
    kpv2017-09-21 03:27
    After days of continuous rain, electricity shortcuts we have a bit of calm and normal weather. Unfortunately another round of rain is waiting behind the corner but for now I am enjoying the sun. I am not commenting on the temperatures (which are low) but still berable.
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    ShareEarthquake in Mexico
    zimt1232017-09-20 01:11
    What a horrible news to wake up to. My heart sank at the sight of all those ruins and cannot imagine how people must feel at this very moment.... the losses families have experienced and all the disaster the earthquake has caused to cities and indeed persons. I hope and pray that none of our Mexican ...
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    ShareI wish today goes smooth.
    Basakdpt2017-09-19 18:46
    Yesterday was a very bad day for my little family. I hope everything goes well after this.
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    ShareWindy day!
    Basakdpt2017-09-18 08:16
    Perfect day for staying at home and crafting. I wish this weather didn't give me headache...
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    ShareRainy weather
    Basakdpt2017-09-13 09:37
    stuck at home, cooked all day long...
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    ShareBlueberry cupcake time!
    Basakdpt2017-09-12 02:47
    I love blueberries. I love cupcakes too! Why not combine them?
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    ShareTime for panda!
    Basakdpt2017-09-11 08:05
    My daughter is in love with pandas. I will make an amigurumi panda for her. Yarns are ready! Looking for a nice pattern.
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    Shareyarn barfs
    Freken.Snork2017-09-08 05:33
    did it ever happen to you? i know it did. but in my case it was more, ahem, stressfull. so here i am, trying to crochet with 2 threads from one skein, and... one yarn barf, lots of knots, thread breaks... deep inhale. try to untangle. sip some wine. F@#k! cut the ...
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