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    ShareMohr by Norah Gaughan
    Alisher2017-01-16 11:38
    Today I begin new knitting project: Mohr for Him and Mohr for Her. I have not original pattern, but I creat diagram and it seems like original. I knit both of model parallel, because I always knit two or more projects in same time. So, I begin
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    ShareThe car broke down
    kpv2017-01-16 09:37
    Well yesterday I wanted to take the kids to the cinema. It was a family project and the kids were excited. Unfortunately when we had to start the car it only produced a slight buzz and nothing else. So we discovered on a Sunday that I have to change the battery. The cinema project went south as did ...
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    ShareCrazy day - part 2
    kpv2017-01-08 08:11
    Well the day that went south got wort when I discovere I had lice in my hair before going to bad was a shock. And I knew it was due to my daughter having them. So the next morning started with combing her hair for lice and then puting it in a tight bun and notifying the school of the fact that they ...
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    ShareCrazy day
    kpv2017-01-05 07:04
    Today just started normaly and turned out crazy. At 9 am it started to snow, then my eldest son called that he overslept and missed the school bus. So what does a mother do? I got out of work, drove home, picked him up and took him to town where the rest of the class was and then went back to work. ...
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    ShareNew Music Files Searching
    lilylily2016-12-24 01:32
    New Music Files Searching
    Recently many sites are down,so it is difficult to add new music files. I found one mp3 file site. It is good to get mp3 link. ( musicpleer.cc ) I'd like to tell the way that find mp3 address. At first,you can search title. I typed Christmas. The res ...
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    ShareOld projects and new year hopes
    lellac2016-12-22 12:18
    Old projects and new year hopes
    This year I crochet and tatting a lot ... but do youknow thatfeeling when you finish a big project? Definitelymy "Last Dance in the Rain"blanket is my favourite crochet project in 2016 and my first CAL blanket ever. I hope in a new year full of good ...
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    ShareRed on my wall
    Rosegarden2016-12-17 14:46
    I put some red on my wall. This week I was 37 years married. Long time! It's nice to have a partner who loves you.
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    ShareLast month of the year.
    Rosegarden2016-12-09 12:48
    I put some reds on my wall. December month all people are in holiday mood and you get nothing done!
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