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    Shareyarn funny
    Izzy2017-05-25 19:25
    yarn funny
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    Sharetoday is today....
    fermat2017-05-25 11:09
    Lost in the jungle of crochet pattern and new yarns.....So many printed charts here, and skein and what will i start next ?Wish i were a octopuss so i could run with 8 projects ;) For summer i need a stole- wrap but which ?sigh....
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    Sharethat horrible feeling ...
    Freken.Snork2017-05-24 05:20
    ... when you don't have enough yarn for current project mkay, the situation is like that, i'm crocheting Oscar Lion, and when i almost finished the legs, i oddly felt that there's not gonna be enough yellow yarn for the head. so i dropped the legs, and decided to finish the head first, as the ...
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    ShareHave A Crafty Day!
    HoppyFrog2017-05-19 12:23
    Wishing all a happy day full of crafty fun with sprinkles of love We all share our love of all things crafty and creative... what a great starting point for friendships. May the friendships begin....
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    Sharevery unconfortable
    vickyvicky2017-05-17 21:26
    very unconfortable
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    Sharegetting organized
    Freken.Snork2017-05-17 08:50
    now i have only 2 patterns (one with read permission 20 and price 10 - someone clearly messed up) and 2 useful threadsin my favourites - i'm glad to have cleaned that list up. i need to get a pocket book to write down my thoughts i also have an idea for a small business, but st ...
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    Sharetoo many wips... again!
    Freken.Snork2017-05-16 03:32
    i'm hopeless i've got 3 unfinished dolls! they need garments and faces and all i've got a sweater on my needles. i've got a sweater on my hook. and i've started a new crop top for my sis. i need to crochet 3 dolls for my niece. i have a headache now i'm sure, some day i'll have ...
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