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    ShareYes I have my first medal.
    Patricia-12019-01-19 05:58
    I learned a lot, of course with some help. :) Good feeling I can share patterns, not big once, but it will come. I have now my busy bee meda, must say I got a tip and I'm proud of it. :D I have reached now my 500 hours and now till the next. Thanks for all who gave me ratings, I apreciate that ...
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    ShareI did it, reached my 500 hours hooray. :)
    Patricia-12019-01-18 06:12
    I have reached my 500 hours, what a work to get there. :D Many thanks to my lovely friends and other members, moderators who give me the rate to come so far. :D I don't have to tell you how happy I am. Wish you all a great day and weekend.
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    ShareI will post the bookmark.
    Patricia-12019-01-17 06:28
    It's very old, but so cute, 15 colours must on the chart. :) I thank one of the moderators who gave me some lessons and advise. :D Have all a very nice Thursday. :D
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    ShareI will post a bookmark PopCorn.
    Patricia-12019-01-16 04:13
    Got a lovely pattern from Popcorn, it's a old one, got it from my hairdresser. The other is a winter bookmark, also lovely, but both I will not make it. :)
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    ShareDo other work today.
    Patricia-12019-01-15 08:11
    I will make a pizza, I love that, my own tomatoesaus better then from the supermarket. :) The bottum is not homemade, I can't do that, I wish I could. Pizza from the supermarket has for me a different taste, I hope it works. :D
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    ShareIf I didn't wake up then I get this.!!!
    Patricia-12019-01-14 03:14
    If I didn't wake up then I get this.!!!
    It was very early and had to leave my bed if not this is my punishment.
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    ShareWhat I will learn next.
    Patricia-12019-01-13 09:07
    My space is boring, so I want a beautiful wall. :D If I have the time, I must do some practice, because I'm not a computer expert. But they say you will never to old to learn, I agree. :)
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    ShareI'm soo happy.
    Patricia-12019-01-12 11:03
    I did it, I move all I had in my default to my own album. Now I must learn how I can come to my friends albums.
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    ShareI dit it.!!!
    Patricia-12019-01-12 09:54
    I have my own album, look at the left album from, and visit it. :)
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