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    ShareTesting the Yarn jeanie
    craftyqueen2018-06-17 05:50
    I took delivery of the Yarn Jeanie recently .. having used a yarn holder before I was sceptical ! previous yarn holders that I have used still get tangled and are cumbersome to say the least .. Well shut my mouth ! I am total in love .. I can use a normal skein of yarn straight from the outsid ...
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    Sharecrochet crochet crochet
    craftyqueen2018-06-14 15:36
    Have you ever crocheted so much that you gave your fingers and Hands cramp ... I had the day off work and the house was tidy so I thought I would sit and crochet some Amigurumi ! knowing that in Amigurumi you need a tight tension I thought I would sit and do it for an hour then give my hands a rest ...
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    ShareTérminos de crochet en español de España/ español de América
    rebekka_rbk2018-06-08 09:42
    Términos de crochet en español de España/ español de América
    I gual que ocurre con el inglés Us y el inglés UK, el nombre de los puntos básicos de crochet es diferente en el español de España que en el español de América.
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    Sharethose day let me feel headache
    AIZUOMENGDEMIQI2018-06-07 02:20
    headacheheadache maybe those day, the weather is not so good, let me feel stress!! i feel i get so big headache
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    Sharecrafting and camping
    craftyqueen2018-06-03 06:06
    how many of you take your craft projects with you when you go away for a night or two ?? I never leave the house without a projects or ball of yarn ! well I say never but I do not take them to work any more .. just from lack of available time. I took some Yarn camping with me this weekend (1st d ...
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    Share¿Conoces los beneficios de tejer? Do you know the benefits of knitting?
    rebekka_rbk2018-06-02 13:10
    Reduce el ritmo cardíaco y la presión arterial Mejora las habilidades de matemáticas Aumenta la nitidez de la memoria Previene el deterioro cognitivo Favorece la capacidad de concentración y mejora el descanso Te propone retos y la satisfacción de alcanzarlos Me ...
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    ShareSewing Room Coming Together
    DragonflyKJ2018-06-01 19:07
    Sewing Room Coming Together
    Sewwww…… my sewing room is slowly coming together! I am still quite a while off being totally finished, but I am pleased with how things are turning out :D Not really much to report, but I thought you would appreciate a photo or two of what is happening. My daughter and I turned one of the ov ...
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    ShareI'm back!
    Basakdpt2018-06-01 08:29
    Wintertime is here and I'm back to knitting. My little one needs warm jumpers! Lokking for a nice sweater pattern.
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    ShareTejer y tejer el inicio
    rebekka_rbk2018-05-27 07:40
    Tejer y tejer el inicio
    Tejer y tejer, el principio Mi abuela tenía una antigua mercería donde vendían, hilos, botones, lanas… tengo vagos recuerdos por ser yo muy pequeña y vivía en otra ciudad. Recuerdo jugar allí a envolver paquetes de jabón para prendas delicadas Norit, simulando que atendía a la ...
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    Sharea day in Macao
    AIZUOMENGDEMIQI2018-05-20 23:00
    a day in Macao. and i found i love this city so much, it is so beatiful and clear
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