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    Sharethe holiday is coming soon
    AIZUOMENGDEMIQI2018-04-07 23:44
    the holiday is coming soon, i really sheet all the holiday
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    ShareEyelet Press, New Tool!
    DragonflyKJ2018-03-29 18:26
    I have a new toy! It is nothing too exciting, but I am sure this eyelet press will come in very handy in the not so distant future! Ryder just had to get himself in on the picture too LOL. Cat needs to investigate anything new coming in to his territory! On to more sewing room moving and progre ...
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    ShareWelcome Spring!
    HoppyFrog2018-03-23 17:13
    Welcome Spring!
    I am so excited for the change of seasons. The world outside my window is still covered in snow and very grey looking. The evergreens give just enough color as patches of ground peek out from under the snow. Amazing to think that in about two moths everything will come back to life. The world ...
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    ShareWhat I've been up to
    V Fether2018-03-22 14:00
    Hi everone! I haven't been around much lately. I'll be back, more involved, posting and so on. Seems every day, things get away from me and I get nowhere. Between my own "organize craft studio" and mom's "total house de-hoard", I get little time to even get the dishes done! I think my doctor is also ...
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    ShareLet the repurposing begin
    DragonflyKJ2018-03-15 00:29
    Finally I began my quest for creating furniture for the sewing room! What I wanted to put in there and what I can actually afford are two entirely different stories so I have began repurposing an old baby change table. It is not costing my anything as I have everything on hand, so if it all goes ac ...
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    ShareSewing Room Furniture....
    DragonflyKJ2018-03-12 22:51
    So it seems my thoughtlessness when it came to moving into a new room has left me with a lot of research to do! I have trawled through the interwebs looking at many different rooms and have found quite a few that I am hoping to draw inspiration from, but I am always open to new ideas, thoughts, ...
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    ShareMoving in day.....
    DragonflyKJ2018-03-12 00:22
    Soooooooo today seen the beginning motions of moving in to the new sewing room. And that was about it, the beginning motions! I never thought about so many aspects of this, that in hindsight, my hubby is quite possibly correct in saying I don't think everything through properly before jumping in h ...
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    SharePixie Lovey is done, 3 more projects to put together!
    DragonflyKJ2018-03-10 23:45
    Finally finished off another project today! I made this Pixie Lovey for a lovely lady who runs our charity store in our small country town. She always helps others out without ever expecting anything in return so I made this surprise for her as she was expecting the birth of a new grand child this ...
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