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    ShareFinally did my first Diary listing on items that I have done.
    Funtime22017-07-18 22:23
    Finally figured out how to list a item in the Diary sections. Just wanted to take my time and make sure that I did them correctly. That little inner perfection voice talking again. I guess I will know in the next day if something is wrong. Hope everyone enjoys
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    ShareOh no! My new dog chewed on my plastic canvas canvas projects
    fout99992017-07-17 09:10
    I got a new dog a week and a half ago. He's a sweet 2 year old basenji, who needed to be re-homed because he started some fights with the older male dog in his previous home. He's becoming of age and wants to be the dominant dog. We were chosen to be his new family since we have experience with base ...
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    ShareThe Sunday Glad Game..
    ImaHooker2017-07-16 18:50
    It is a gorgeous day... not too hot, in fact, the breeze is actually cool. Sun is shining..... So I decide morning coffee will be outside and all was great.. butterflies and dragonflies .. birds and bees.. aahhh .. and I thought to myself.. This is it, this is what it is all abo ...
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    ShareI know what it is to be young
    Molina2017-07-16 03:29
    I know what it is to be young
    When we are young age has no meaning I never gave it a second thought until one day along came this old man and this is what he said to me and this is what he said to me I know what it is to be young but you,you don't know what it is to be old someday, you'll be saying the same thing time takes a ...
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    ShareUnicorn Magic Dolls Project
    Spyctre2017-07-08 12:57
    Unicorn Magic Dolls Project
    I am working on the unicorn from the Magic Dolls series. I love tiny cross-stitch projects, and this one is only 40 x 60 stitches, give or take. Honestly don't have time for others! I saw the original drawing and fell in love with it. When I got the chart, though, I kind ...
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    ShareKnitting needles
    Freken.Snork2017-07-04 10:46
    I'm about to purchase (yet) another set of needles. But they are different from my steel 5". these ones are bamboo and 4" turns out i'm not only yarn hoarder, but also tools hoarder (= my man better know nothing about that
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    Sharereturning to basics
    Freken.Snork2017-07-03 06:56
    I'm working on a doll for my niece, and thinking how i wanna go back to crocheting lap throws and blankets ^_^ i think i will do that soon enough. got tired of amigurumies
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    Sharei've got YARN!
    Freken.Snork2017-06-26 05:07
    my supervisor (she's the BEST) got me a big bag of yarn! she said she used to knit a long time ago, but didn't touch needles or yarn for ages (= so she promised to sometime bring her stash to me. and ths day finally came! yay~ she brought me a big big BIG bag of yarn! i'm thrilled to have a pi ...
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    ShareWhat to make next
    Funtime22017-06-22 22:13
    Wow just amazed at all the wonderful talent here I want to do it all but I have 4 WIP right at the moment and what to start making more. I find the hardest part of Amigurumi is sewing it together and putting in the eyes I always get nervous doing it put all the work into making somethin ...
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