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    ShareSiberian temperatures???
    Maya2018-02-21 17:01
    Next week it will be almost March and then we will get a very cold week with temperatures far below zero. I would like to get more sun although I love iceskating. :-)
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    ShareSearching round the forum
    sue7022018-02-13 05:10
    Really enjoying my new privileges and snooping round the forum.. Every time I look I find something new, it is a real rabbit warren!
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    ShareCreating a Crafting Space
    DragonflyKJ2018-02-12 17:45
    Creating a Crafting Space
    Soooooo....... after waiting such a long time for a proper sewing room, it is finally in the making! Approx 4.8m x 2.4m in size, a bit smaller than I had anticipated, but I am not complaining in the slightest! No power to it yet and still a bit more construction work to go but it's getting there :D ...
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    ShareA gift from a coworker
    ImaStitcher2018-02-10 10:13
    Coworker getting rid of yarn. I taught her crochet and knitting, maybe 10 years ago. She has trouble paying attention, but did well with each. She is having bad arthritis in her hands. I tell her - give yarn to the church. She says "you review it first" so I did. Maybe take 13 s ...
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    ShareLet it snow, again
    ImaStitcher2018-02-07 09:14
    Snow today, only on way to work; to make mess driving. Should stop by lunch but then, ice storm. Must be driving carefully today.
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    Sharebig holiday
    AIZUOMENGDEMIQI2018-02-06 22:51
    there are still 8days , then the big holiday-Chinese' new year is coming. at that time ,we can take many food and drink.
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    FloraFox2018-02-06 10:33
    OMG, one can spend a lot of life time while waiting for an upload.............
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    Share6 weeks more winter
    ImaStitcher2018-02-04 11:15
    So the ground hog says 6 more winter weeks. I upload spring to my wall today instead. I love lilacs, hydrangea and daffodils. Do you ever crochet flowers? Maybe crochet flowers into or onto blankets? I do. I am reminded to take picture of my creations. Very cold o ...
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    Sharemuch to do
    ImaStitcher2018-02-03 11:19
    I know 2 babies coming soon. Yarn shopping? Yes. Also, niece and daughter invite me for lunch today. I cannot refuse. Because was ill and took 2 days off work, the last 3 were rough. You know how back log gets? And we go to dinner last night to celebrate hu ...
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