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    ShareBranching out
    pochacco2017-11-22 12:08
    I'm trying to move from having to work outside of my home to doing things from home that make money. I have some health issues that make it really hard to work at a regular 9-5 job. I really want my crocheted items to start making me money, but I KNOW that knitted items are more appealing to many pe ...
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    ShareI Love this Cool Crisp Time of Year!
    breakitdown2017-11-21 13:42
    I Love this Cool Crisp Time of Year!
    I'm a knitter. A knit-every-day-no-matter-the-weather kind of knitter. It's hot, I knit. It's humid, I knit. It's raining, I knit. It's sunny, yup, you got it, I knit. Then something wonderful happens, October turns to November, the air gets crisp and the temperat ...
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    sasalee2017-11-11 23:39
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    ShareFriday's humor
    Kuky2017-11-10 00:52
    Friday's humor
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    ShareHard times
    lellac2017-11-07 13:23
    Hard times
    My mother passed away last july. She had been ill for months, but nothing prepared me for her loss… I miss her more than words could ever explain...
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    ShareChanges for the better!
    pochacco2017-10-23 14:45
    Aloha everyone! It's been a very long time since I've been a truly active member. I've been crocheting up a storm. I found out that I have ADHD (pretty silly to not know it until I'm in my 50s, but whatever - now I know!) So I was put on some medications that I thought wouldn't do a darned thing, bu ...
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    ShareI'm to take a "computer" class!
    AstroKitty2017-10-23 14:01
    Seriously thinking of taking a "computer" class: too many things I do not understand, too many thing I don't know how to do ... and nobody to ask for help!
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    ShareMiss Cherry Blossom
    Solnce2017-10-22 06:01
    Miss Cherry Blossom
    After a long time I checked Mirabilia Designs home page and came across the new cross stitch pattern they released. Miss Cherry Blossom is a colourful pattern, rich in sparkling accents provided by the beads that embellish the embroidery. I like it and I think it is one of the nicest patter No ...
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    ShareBad start for a day :(
    Basakdpt2017-10-21 00:58
    It was very upsetting to hear that one of my closest friend's father died. It's difficult to be far away from your home country these kind of times.
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    ShareUpdate on Moderator Status!
    Jazzi2017-10-19 10:45
    Greetings! I'm proud to announce that I'm now moderating additional forums here at 4Crafter! The new sections I'm moderating include: Plastic Canvas Sewing Paper Art Other Handiworks in addition to the Cross Stitch Forum. Please note that its been a while since these ...
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