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1969-12-311969-12-31 20:00
[Toys / Amigurumi]Pelusa - Ositos Dulcesmoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...2New 4CrafterYesterday 10:441549kdcraft2 hour(s) ago
[Outerwear]Nordseeliebe - Tanja Osswald - LiliTupilimoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...2New 4CrafterYesterday 08:141656paolacasotta@G1 hour(s) ago
[Outerwear]Take a New Turn - Tanja Osswald - LiliTupilimoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...2New 4CrafterYesterday 08:051952kdcraft2 hour(s) ago
[Outerwear]Infatuation Mitts - Tanja Osswald - LiliTupilimoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...2New 4CrafterYesterday 08:001243kdcraft2 hour(s) ago
[Outerwear]Fish on a Treasure Hunt - Tanja Osswald - LiliTupilimoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...2New 4CrafterYesterday 07:531543kdcraft2 hour(s) ago
[Home Decor]Bath Decor On The Double - 842212 - Bonnie Maxfield -The Needlecraft Shopmoderated - [Read permissions 7]attach_imgagreeNew 4CrafterThe day before yesterday 07:17947Capricorn2 hour(s) ago
[Toys / Amigurumi]Larry the Llama - Carolyne Brodie - SweetOddityArtmoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...2345New 4Crafter3 day(s) ago4093Capricorn2 hour(s) ago
[Toys / Amigurumi]cute baby bear - Ositos Dulcesmoderated - [Read permissions 30]attach_imgagree ...2New 4Crafter3 day(s) ago1036chouYesterday 13:47
[Toys / Amigurumi]Elf - Mandy Herrmann - Mala Designsmoderated - [Read permissions 20]attach_imgagree ...234New 4Crafter4 day(s) ago3985Capricorn2 hour(s) ago
[Afghans]Yellow Garland Afghan - Rena V. Stevens - Annies Crochet Quilt Afghan Clubmoderated - [Read permissions 7]attach_imgagreeNew 4Crafter4 day(s) ago832Capricorn2 hour(s) ago
[Afghans]Xs and Os Afghan - Shirley Brown - Annies Crochet Quilt Afghan Clubmoderated - [Read permissions 7]attach_imgagreeNew 4Crafter4 day(s) ago726Capricorn2 hour(s) ago
[Afghans]With Love Heart Afghan - Edna Donze - Annies Crochet Quilt Afghan Clubmoderated - [Read permissions 7]attach_imgagreeNew 4Crafter4 day(s) ago735Capricorn2 hour(s) ago
[Toys / Amigurumi]Mini Reindeer Matilda - Alexandra Schwarz - Wolltastisch Handmademoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgheatlevelagree ...23456New 4Crafter5 day(s) ago52113mdelacruzpaulaYesterday 19:26
[Toys / Amigurumi]Comet the Unicorn - Jessie VanIn - Projectarianmoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgheatlevelagree ...23456..8New 4Crafter6 day(s) ago78174MerlinYesterday 21:09
[Toys / Amigurumi]Yellow Submarine - Ana Yogui - Yoguiana - MysteriousCatsmoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...2New 4Crafter7 day(s) ago1743rubiselaYesterday 03:37
[Toys / Amigurumi]Submarine Crochet Pattern - Joyce Overheul - Flying Dutchmen Designsmoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...23New 4Crafter7 day(s) ago2564rubiselaYesterday 03:36
[Toys / Amigurumi]Moussy the Mouse with flowered ears - Sandrine Campaña-Garcia - Deux petites mainsmoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgagree ...234 4Crafter7 day(s) ago36104morakot_m3 day(s) ago
[Toys / Amigurumi]Nyu - Vita - Galencaixemoderated - [Read permissions 20]attach_imgagree ...23 4Crafter7 day(s) ago2257Bumbleboo4 day(s) ago
[Toys / Amigurumi]Lutin Cup Cake - Sandrine Campaña-Garcia - Deux petites mainsmoderated - [Read permissions 10]attach_imgheatlevelagree ...23456 4Crafter7 day(s) ago54167Svanekevej3 day(s) ago
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