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Hide sticky threadsImportant Update - maximum amount of uploads per day permitted - UPDATED 8.1.16 - [Read permissions 5] ...23456CraftyArtistAssistance team2016-01-09592586EdytaŁazure@FB4 day(s) ago
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1969-12-311969-12-31 20:00
Preview[Completed Projects]Stripey Pillow w/ Rufflesattach_imgNewAliatrixHalf hour(s) ago07AliatrixHalf hour(s) ago
Preview[Completed Projects]Blue Scrap Basket - my own designmoderatedattach_imgagreeNewAliatrixThe day before yesterday 20:17211mbptrda10 hour(s) ago
Preview[Completed Projects]Patchwork ruler bag - unknownmoderatedattach_imgagreeNewchinenyuriThe day before yesterday 12:23522marissalopezYesterday 05:07
Preview[Completed Projects]bag for crochet wool - unknownmoderatedattach_imgagreeNewchinenyuriThe day before yesterday 12:18522marissalopezYesterday 05:10
Preview[Completed Projects]Smocked Girls Dress - Country Bumkinmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2NewtravelandeatThe day before yesterday 02:331134PicxieYesterday 06:44
Preview[Completed Projects]Confetti Fabric Bowl - my own designmoderatedattach_imgagreeNewAliatrix3 day(s) ago528marissalopezYesterday 05:35
Preview[Work in Progress]Super help girls for a gift my teacher of cut cofeccion and not if you put on edge a small lace not very big you do not seem to be finished - unknownmoderatedattach_imgagreeNewchinenyuri4 day(s) ago536Turbo67The day before yesterday 21:46
Preview[Completed Projects]Bell Hooded Towel - My Petite Fleur Designsmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2LifeIsABeach2017-04-151136Aliatrix3 day(s) ago
Preview[Completed Projects]Mouse Pincushions - unknownmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2ChocoMilk2017-04-151447Aliatrix3 day(s) ago
Preview[Completed Projects]box lined with fabric - my own designmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2rosapisa2017-04-131241Freida1234 day(s) ago
Preview[Completed Projects]baby blanket - my own designmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2rosapisa2017-04-121636happiness2017-04-14 16:26
Preview[Completed Projects]Sewing machine cover - my own designmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2Freken.Snork2017-04-111331joyfulmum20035 min. ago
Preview[Completed Projects]Hand puppet - internetattach_imgagree ...2crotista2017-04-061346AliatrixThe day before yesterday 13:38
Preview[Completed Projects]Primitive Rabbit - Blue Moon Beginningsmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2Freken.Snork2017-04-031242Paulette3 day(s) ago
Preview[Completed Projects]Linen-dirty basket lid - replace for a new life ! - BLAUBmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2BLAUB2017-03-281448AliatrixThe day before yesterday 15:19
Preview[Completed Projects]Longsleeves Shirt - Schlingelingenmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2Schlingelingen2017-03-281541knytenknutThe day before yesterday 03:26
Preview[Completed Projects]Felt board (buttons) - internetattach_imgagree ...2crotista2017-03-261243AliatrixThe day before yesterday 15:03
Preview[Completed Projects]newborn daisy gift - cristalmoderatedattach_imgagree ...2cristal1362017-03-241444Turbo67The day before yesterday 14:33
Preview[Completed Projects]Rainbow zebra - Cris Arteiramoderatedattach_imgagree ...2crotista2017-03-241360Paulette3 day(s) ago
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