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How do you customize the header on your space?

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Click on your Avatar.  This will take you to your space.

Now, click on the "dress space" under your avatar.  You will see mine under my avatar below in the purple box.

HEADER -  Click on "custom style" (shown in the red rectangle), and click on "header" (shown in the green rectangle).  If you selected them right, you will see yours look like this, the header will be black and the custom style will be the tab that is in white.

Over on the left, click on "replace" (in the purple box) next to the little box that shows your current header.

Now look on the right, click on 'upload new header' (in the green box.)


Then 'choose file' (in the red circle). 

Then you will see something pop up like this. You will have to find your file and click on it.  Mine is "Irish_Blessing2".  Then I click "open" in the red circle.

Then I will see the file name show up in the purple box below.  Then I would click, "Start upload" in the red circle below:

It will pop go into the  little box on the left, click in the box.

You can fix the header.  You can have it repeat up and down (Repeat vertically) or side by side (repeat horizontally) or not repeat at all (use directly).   I do not want mine to repeat. I only want it one time.  So, I will go where it says, "Image repeat" (red circle below) and I will click "Use directly."


Next, you can fix the header to be at a certain place. Using the placement box of 9 squares, with the one small red square, decide the placement of your header. The blue box below shows you where image position is.  

Below is a bigger view of the same area.  Right now, it is set in the very middle of the 9 boxes.  If I wanted to move it, I would just click on any of the 9 squares. When you click on one,  you will see the header move to the location you pick. 


Once you like where it is, go to the top and click, "Save."

If you don't like it, go back to "Dress space" or DIY at the top right and start over.


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Reply TealLily@G 2015-03-26 12:33
Very informative! Thanks!

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