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What are medals? How do you get them?

Hot 4Viewed 1511 times2015-02-25 13:57 |Personal category:How To's

Did you know that Members can earn Medals?
There are two types of Medals
1 - Medals given by staff.
2 - Medals applied for by the member.

Medals do not apply to Threads or Replies in the Game Area of 4Crafter.

You can find the Medals by clicking on My Center (in red).  When you do that, click the Medals Image Link (in blue).

Medals Overview
Staff Awarded Medals
 Active Blog Posting - Member has posted at least 200 meaningful Blogs.
 Active Discussion - Members who are active in creating meaningful Replies or New Threads
 Actively Helping Members - Members who actively help New and Existing Members. 
 Actively Promoting Registration - Members who actively invite New Members.
 Actively Contest Participation - Member who actively participate in Contests.
 Outstanding Contribution to the Forums - Members who have posted at least 100 Threads in 4 Crafting Forums which are not related (for example Jewelry, Cross Stitch, Crochet, Origami)
 Piece of Cake - Post 2500 Replies in the Crafting forum
 Diamond Member - Post 1000 New Threads in the Crafting Forums
 Grand Member - Post 2500 New Threads in the Crafting Forums
 Top Poster - Be a Top Poster at least 100 Times
 Welcome Wagon - For Actively Welcoming New Members both in Threads and on Space Walls

Member Applied Medals
 Hardworking Bee - Posting at least 100 Threads
 Primary Crafter - Online Hours over 50 and 1 Digest Thread
 Pioneer - 10 Digests
 Senior Crafter - Online Hours over 500 and 200 Threads
 Eager to Help Others - Filled 20 or More Requests

As 4Crafter continues to grow we will be adding other Medals.

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Reply yny 2015-10-27 16:14
Thank you for your post MsKat, really helped me to resolve my doubts about medals!
Reply Patricia-1 2018-12-10 14:26
Thank you very much for your explanation MsKat, I help if I can, and share my knowledge, but only what I know. At the moment I'm in a learning process and my knowledge will be better, I need no medals for it, but if other members like it, I have no problems with it. :)

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