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Members may request items they are looking for in this Forum only. Threads will automatically be set to Anonymous.

ALL requests are for English patterns unless it is specifically stated the members request is for another language.

Please do NOT post a link to a thread if you were not the person who posted the actual Request. We will remove any diamonds you were given as a reward and you can face a potential Warning. Only the Member who filled the request may post the link.
As a courtesy we ask that you Please do not use this Forum as a means of filling your every request or whim.
Regular Members may only have 10 active requests
Supporting Members may have 20 active requests
NOTE: Please review this list: http://www.4crafter.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=31144 prior to posting for restricted Designers Requests for these will be deleted
Members may only make 1 request per thread. Multiple requests in a thread will be removed causing loss of Diamonds.
Requests for individual patterns from a magazine, book or pamphlet are not permitted. You must request the entire item
Members must search the Forum and all Request areas prior to posting a new thread. If a Duplicate Request is posted it will be deleted by Staff and any Diamonds paid for the request will not be refunded.

The individual who is making the request may offer a reward of a minimum of 500 Diamonds, there is no maximum set amount that a Member may offer. Our server will charge you an additional 10% site tax.
For faster results we do suggest you offer a larger reward. When posting the Request please set the Download or Read level of the thread to the level of the person making the Request.

Feel free to post your request and when filled please notify a Moderator or Admin to have it moved once you have given the reward.
Threads which have been filled but the reward not given within 7 days will be correct and removed.
Please do not upload the Attachment in this Forum, instead, upload it to the appropriate Forum for all to see and then reply to the Thread with the URL of the filled Request.

When filling a request remember that you must follow the Posting Rules and any Special Requirements before posting and you must post the URL to the item. Additionally do not set the minimum Read Level or Access level higher than the level of the individual who has made the request. Setting it higher than the requester User Group will prevent them from downloading the Educational Material.

Please provide as much detail as possible such as Designer or Company Name and Pattern Name.
Requests for items to be translated must be placed in the Translation Request area and not in the General Rest area

When you have filled the request please post the Link to the Filled Request and click the I Answered Button at the top of the Thread.
DO NOT post the link to the item until after the thread that has been moderated. Members may not harass the individual requesting the item to set best answer, our staff will manage all communications.

When a Member has filled the request the Original posting Member must go to the reply near the bottom right and click the Select Best Answer link to reward the Member.
Please note that Replies within this Forum do not receive Diamonds or Contribution, please do not spam this Forum with replies

Please make sure you search there before posting a new Request to prevent deletion of your Thread and loss of Diamonds.


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