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If russianhelp is needed (crochet)

If russian help is needed (crochet)

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I don't know if I can offer my help here.. but if you need any little help in understanding russian crochet patterns of amigurumies, dont' hesitate to ask. But don't ask me to translate the whole patt ...

2014-12-03 05:26 - Anemone - Crafting Chat

Can someone please help me (russian)

Can someone please help me (russian)

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I'm struggling with this sentence: На одно я засыпаю немного дроби, набиваю плотно синтепоном. According to Google Translate, it means: I fall aslee ...

2014-11-30 14:49 - Okashi - Crafting Chat

Translation help Muttley Pattern - from russian to English

Translation Help Muttley Pattern - from Russian to English

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2014-08-01 05:27 - Feronia - Translation Requests

need help for tranlate russian

need help for tranlate russian

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2сбн, 4сс, 2сбн, 2ССН, пш, 2 ССН 1 ряд: провязать 2п лиц на 1 спице, 3 п лиц на2 спице, 4-ю петлю снимаем на3 спи ...

2014-05-13 17:50 - froggy - Crafting Chat