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african Flower owl - Elena Belova

This is a translated pattern from russian, translation by google and bing. Picture tutorial.

Crochet English|loesjes|2014-03-10 03:49

african Flower owl by Shona T/Shonamigurumi - free

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Free Crochet Resources English|garden|2014-05-11 00:06

Aloysius the african Flower owlet by Heidi Bears

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Crochet English|Anonymous|2014-07-20 20:58

Fat Little owl african Flower Heidi Bear Pattern

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Crochet English|SpoiledOne777|2014-12-08 01:19

african flower owls

Crochet Diary|Anonymous|2014-08-07 03:27

african flower owl

This owl is made with different african flower hexagons and pentagons. I made it for the birthday of my mom. It took me two months to coplete it during summer holidays.

Crochet Diary|BKcrochet|2014-09-03 12:40