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Gingerbread House - Rosanne Kropp - Free

How Fun!! A Crochet Gingerbread House by Rosanne Kropp A fun decoration for your home during the holiday season, enjoy! ~a free pattern~

Free Crochet English Resources|Chickadee|2013-12-11 20:11

Thanksgiving Pinwheel Doily 109130 - Rosanne Kropp - House of White Birches

Thanksgiving Pinwheel Doily by Rosanne Kropp -House of White Birches- A lovely 16" pinwheel doily

Crochet English|Chickadee|2013-12-21 18:41

Blue Rose Doily - Rosanne Kropp - Free

Blue Rose Doily by Rosanne Kropp ~ A beautiful centerpiece doily ~ ~ So pretty in other colors, too ~ This pattern is free on the web From Crochet! magazine, Mar 2003, p24-26 ...

Free Crochet English Resources|Chickadee|2013-12-11 18:56

Black Cat Place mat and Candy Corn Coasters by Rosanna Kropp from Crochet World 1992 Autumn Special

Celebrate the Halloween Season with these Black Cat Placemats and Candy Corn Coasters !

Crochet English|Angelcrze|2014-08-18 23:36