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Easter - Mala designs (M.E.Herrmann)

Easter - Mala designs (M.E.Herrmann)

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Title / Name: Easter (egg, chicken, hen)
Designer: Mala designs - M.E.Herrmann
Difficulty: Experienced
Completion Time: 3 months

Here is the whole family. A gruesome project but the end result is awesome.

2017-03-24 14:00 - kpv - Crochet Diary

Easter egg - Mala designs (M.E.Herrmann)

Easter egg - Mala designs (M.E.Herrmann)

16 Replies - 46 Visit

Title / Name: Ester egg
Designer: Mala designs - M.E. Herrmann
Difficulty: Intermediate
Completion Time: 1 month

Finally after delaying it for a year I managed to finish the Easter egg that I started last year.

2017-03-23 02:27 - kpv - Crochet Diary