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Guy the Lumberjack Moose Pillow buddy - Sara Blake - Accessorize This Designs

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Crochet English|Anonymous|2018-01-26 14:55

Tilted Lumberjack Hat - Sara Setters

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Knitting English|Anonymous|2016-01-13 08:00

2 Strand Lumberjack Flannel Afghan - Michele Shirley - Free

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Free Crochet English Resources|Anonymous|2015-10-01 07:16

Lumberjack Hat and Pants Set - Melody Rogers - Melody's Makings

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Knitting English|Anonymous|2015-04-10 13:10

Aviator Bomber Lumberjack Hat - Jennifer Dougherty - Crochet by Jennifer

Aviator Bomber Lumberjack Hat by Crochet by Jennifer

Crochet English|Anonymous|2014-04-15 10:34