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Mini Lalylala pattern by Silvana De Milleri - Spanish - Free

Editado por sukeina en 2015-01-27 09:57 This pattern is inspired in the well-known Lalylala dolls patterns.

Free Crochet Other Languages Resources|Anonymous|2015-01-27 09:50

Mr Prickles Hedgehog - based on Lalylala pattern - Modded by me :)

I made a Polly Prickles Hedgehog a while ago and decided she needed a husband. Meet Mr Prickles, all ready for his day at the office

Crochet Diary|AmyHarrold@G|2015-08-17 10:37

Peggy Polar Bina Bear - Based on Lalylala pattern

This is my Peggy Polar Bina Bear. She's made with a super soft chenille type yarn which makes her oh so cuddly

Crochet Diary|AmyHarrold@G|2015-08-08 06:15

Mini Snowflake Bina Bear - based on Lalylala pattern

Here is my latest creation, my Snowflake Bina Bear, based on a Lalylala pattern. She has super soft Chenille yarn for her hat, cuffs and boot tops and eyelash yarn for her scarf. Super cute ...

Crochet Diary|AmyHarrold@G|2015-07-25 14:49

Olivia Owl - based on Lalylala pattern

I love owls and thought it was time to create one based on the Lalylala patterns. Super cute

Crochet Diary|AmyHarrold@G|2015-07-24 08:01

Errol Elelala - based on Lalylala pattern

I love elephants *squeak!* so I thought it was time I attempted an Elelala! This is Errol

Crochet Diary|AmyHarrold@G|2015-07-22 18:12

Edwin Elf - Based on Lalylala pattern, mod by me.

Meet Edwin Elf. Based on a Mini Laly pattern, modded by myself. Such a little cutie with attitude

Crochet Diary|AmyHarrold@G|2015-07-19 17:45

Ginny Giraffe - Lalylala pattern mod

So i'm totally obssessed with Lalylala patterns! I made this lil girly from the Fibi Fox pattern and then adapted it slightly to make her into a giraffe. She's heading off to my giraffe mad friend ...

Crochet Diary|AmyHarrold@G|2015-02-10 11:15