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Bunnykeychain/Keyring (translated) by Anchor Russian Free

Bunny Keychain/Keyring (translated) by Anchor Russian Free

12 Replies - 38 Visit

Title / Name:Bunnykeychain/Keyring
Designer: Anchor
Original Name:Bunnykeychain/Keyring
Language: Russian
Yarn Weight: acrylic
Hook Size: any hook that suits your yarn
Difficulty: Intermediate

[Copy link] Here in Spanish

2014-08-09 05:37 - RosaCampos - Free Crochet Resources Other Languages


bunny keychain

7 Replies - 26 Visit

Title / Name:Bunnykeychain
Designer: -
Difficulty: Easy
Completion Time: one hour

2015-02-15 23:54 - gaucon - Crochet Diary

Bunnykeychain/Keyring (translated) by Anchor (FREE) - Spanish

Bunny Keychain/Keyring (translated) by Anchor (FREE) - Spanish

29 Replies - 76 Visit

Title / Name:Bunny (keychain/Keyring) - TRANSLATED
Designer: Anchor / Coats Crafts UK
Original Name: Conejin llavero
Language: Spanish
Difficulty: Intermediate

Translated by Amigurumis Patrones Gratis

2014-06-15 04:25 - RosaCampos - Free Crochet Resources Other Languages