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Crafting for Charity is not only good for the Soul but it helps someone in need. Often when beautiful hand made items are given to someone in need it is often a gift that is not only long remembered but treasured by the recipient.

Members who create crafts for the purpose of donating to Charity are welcome to share their stories and even pictures here! Please use caution and do not share any personal information or locations of Charities that you donate to!

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PreviewGranny squares for make blankets to donate on comming soon winter.attach_imgagreeyny2016-04-137161mamac4 day(s) ago
Preview15 hatsattach_imgagree ...234crochetnut2015-04-2733527Kuky2017-09-29 03:11
PreviewNew amigurumis...attach_imgheatlevelagree ...23456lellac2016-03-1058664Kuky2017-09-29 02:47
PreviewCrochet & Knit: The Danish Octo Projectattach_img 4Crafter2017-09-25535AstroKitty2017-09-25 06:51
PreviewHeadbands for little girls/babies - donationattach_img ...2Bumbleboo2015-03-1619478veraxangai2017-09-11 04:14
PreviewCrochet for the childeren on the islandattach_imgagree ...2Karina552014-12-1114364Golden2017-09-11 04:13
PreviewBaby clothes for young mothersattach_imgagree ...23chou2015-05-1540409ninab2017-09-11 04:05
PreviewI want to start crocheting for preemies ...2Whit2014-11-0518481Golden2017-09-03 04:28
Previewwhat is the best to make ...2lucifil2015-05-1716280Golden2017-09-03 04:23
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Previewteletubbies needed please alan dartNew Post 4Crafter2017-07-03271crafticrafte@G2017-08-21 11:15
PreviewHalloween Crafting for ChildrenKialo2014-10-2711297AprilSmith@G2017-08-16 20:24
PreviewBurial Gown for preemiekerrisajoelle2015-07-228202AprilSmith@G2017-08-16 20:22
PreviewOCTOPUSS FOR A PREMIEattach_imgAstroKitty2017-07-171177Freken.Snork2017-07-18 07:09
PreviewRonald McDonald House Donationsattach_imgheatlevelagree ...2345Crafty Momma2014-07-04481015afficionada2017-07-17 13:17
Previewso proudagree ...2 4Crafter2017-01-1010206Cupcake1092017-07-17 07:58
PreviewToys for Christmas Charity Fairagree ...2Mrswib2014-05-2518444veraxangai2017-07-11 12:43
PreviewKnit/Crochet for a causeagree ...2lovemycrafts2015-01-0621441veraxangai2017-07-11 12:42
PreviewKnitting for Alzheimersagree ...2Chelle32012015-05-2710224veraxangai2017-07-11 12:36
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