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1969-12-311969-12-31 20:00
PreviewWhat is your most favorite bead size to use?NewKaren Daniel3 hour(s) ago04Karen Daniel3 hour(s) ago
PreviewWhat was your last beading purchse?Blueberry2016-12-147110fout99996 day(s) ago
PreviewBead shoppingBasakdpt2017-10-11213fout99996 day(s) ago
Previewbath of gold ...2Jolin Jolon2016-10-1212118Dapooxii2017-11-08 05:05
Previewjewelry online ...2Jolin Jolon2016-10-1211170StitchingGirl2017-11-01 08:34
Previewfemale beadingattach_imgcrafticrafte@G2017-08-04125StitchingGirl2017-11-01 07:52
PreviewWhat more do you like necklaces or bracelets? ...2Jolin Jolon2016-09-1618222StitchingGirl2017-11-01 01:03
PreviewWhat you go and buy a bunch of beads and then decide to do, or do you think first and purchases beads according to your idea? ...2Jolin Jolon2016-10-0118280Kuky2017-09-30 04:31
PreviewBead Crochet Ropeattach_imgAstroKitty2017-08-25227fout99992017-09-15 10:03
PreviewDo you know what the difference between a diamond and a brilliant?Jolin Jolon2016-10-1210154AstroKitty2017-08-24 14:56
PreviewAlternative to Swarovski BeadsLoudOwl2017-08-23024LoudOwl2017-08-23 13:57
PreviewLittle children moms. Do you use silikone chewing bracelets while feeding?Pirlanta2016-10-248216Basakdpt2017-07-20 09:51
PreviewI'm thinking of making some bag charmsDusty32017-01-077114Alexandriaweb2017-05-05 09:43
PreviewHave you ever made....VincyAnne@G2017-04-03252Jendot2017-05-05 02:30
PreviewFor whom your work is intended for girls or adult? ...2Jolin Jolon2016-10-0111156Jendot2017-05-05 02:26
PreviewWhat is more material you use to make your bracelets: pearls, coral, synthetic ....?Jolin Jolon2016-10-019166Alexandriaweb2017-05-02 14:45
PreviewFobsmargohay2017-03-29241Alexa2017-05-02 07:54
PreviewPaper beadsVincyAnne@G2017-04-04154Alexandriaweb2017-04-26 07:44
PreviewBracelets with bead gemstonesDusty32016-12-244118margohay2017-03-27 08:28
Previewbest storage for beads?Crystalhamil@G2016-09-189179margohay2017-03-27 08:26
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