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1969-12-311969-12-31 20:00
PreviewProducts to use for rag doll facesstitchalot2018-07-07415stitchalot2018-10-06 19:49
PreviewDuct tape paintingsPenguinSan2018-02-08373momof72018-10-05 22:17
PreviewAnyone else like a physical record versus computer held?attach_imgMerriebabies2018-03-30434momof72018-10-05 22:14
PreviewLatch Hook projectsmyztique292018-06-15122momof72018-10-05 22:08
PreviewSilk ribbon embroiderynbkat22018-08-16113momof72018-10-05 21:41
PreviewWhat I do most days!...rootingattach_imgMerriebabies2018-03-181364momof72018-10-05 21:26
PreviewTatting style opinionsKitsuneka2018-09-05116Xiong1808182018-09-11 23:51
PreviewWhat craft have you always wanted to try but haven't yet?goosemoose2018-03-22759Xiong1808182018-08-28 04:06
PreviewRepair job!attach_imgMerriebabies2018-04-05743mado052018-07-03 15:19
PreviewColour wheelsattach_imgMerriebabies2018-06-05421starfish2018-07-03 13:42
PreviewAn introduction as to how I paint my dollsattach_imgMerriebabies2018-06-04430starfish2018-07-03 13:40
PreviewType of fabric for embroideryPenguinSan2018-02-06181myztique292018-06-06 21:09
PreviewPontus Jansson - rock stackingsue7022018-04-02460myztique292018-06-06 21:03
PreviewHardanger Embroideryattach_imgmyztique292018-06-04634myztique292018-06-05 08:30
PreviewAny Tips for glue gun use?Merriebabies2018-05-21213goosemoose2018-05-28 03:41
PreviewAdult Colouirng / Dot to Dot ...2Dusty32016-12-2912141sue7022018-04-05 12:03
PreviewSandals woven from hayPenguinSan2018-02-084102Merriebabies2018-04-04 15:00
PreviewPebble artHippobotts2018-01-283108andreaa2018-03-25 17:06
PreviewPhotoshopPenguinSan2018-02-08271sue7022018-03-25 07:42
Previewknot tying artPenguinSan2018-02-08269DragonflyKJ2018-03-24 18:59
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