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I am just posting this here again

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Post time: 2018-07-12 08:49:57
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just because most members do not scroll down and do not take the time to read all

Frequently Asked Questions
The following are the most frequently asked questions in our Help Forum. We have divided the questions into 3 Sections - Accounts, Threads and Forum Features. Before posting a Help Request please see if our FAQ answers your question, if not, you may post a new thread in Help.

Questions about your account

Lost Contribution or Diamonds
  • A thread you posted was deleted because it was a duplicate, incomplete or had other problems
  • A thread you replied to was deleted because it was a duplicate thread or other issues
  • You may have flooded replies in our forum. Please do not reply to every post you see, especially if you did not download the attachment, to increase your User Group

We do not restore contribution or credits lost for any reason.

I would like to change my User Name
Members may change their name 1 time. If you registered using a service such as Google contact CraftyArtist for a free rename card. If you did not use these services you can buy a rename card from the Magic Shop for 5000 diamonds or by requesting one. Members may only change their User Name 1 time.
To request a Rename card either send a Private Message to CraftyArtist or post an anonymous thread in Help requesting one if you can not send a PM. We will do our best to get one out to as quickly as possible. When you change your name it is also a good idea to change your Avatar.

Can I change Avatar?
Members may change their avatar using the Settings link. You must use a device or computer which has Flash enabled. Avatars may not contain links to other sites, email address, real name, adult, nudity, hateful, degrading, or other inappropriate content.

My Avatar won't update
It can take up to 24 hours for your new avatar to appear. If you have problems after 24 hours please contact CraftyArtist.

Why aren't my User Hours increasing?
Our system is set to keep track of the time you spend on our forum, we don't use it for any reason other than Hourly Clubs but it is a fun fact to know. To get credit for time on the forum you must do something at least every 15 minutes like post a thread, make a reply, download an attachment and other tasks. When you interact our system sees that you have done something it will give you credit for 15 minutes. Once you accumulate 4 15 minute periods you get credit for 1 hour. Our system usually updates this at midnight each day but there have been times where this may take longer. Eventually our system does catch up and you will get full credit for the time you spend actively on the forum.

Keeping a page open on your computer or device and not doing anything will not help you accumulate time spent on our forum.

Is there a log of what I downloaded?
Members do have access to their private download logs in the Settings area of the forum. Click on Settings  at the top portion of the forum and when the page loads look for the Download Log link on the left side. Please note that you can not search this area. Download logs may be removed at any time if we noticed an issue with forum loading time. Download Logs are only kept for a period of 30 days.

A staff member sent me a private message and I can't respond
Staff members do contact members when there is an issue with a thread they may have uploaded (or other issues) letting you know what the problem is and how it is handled as well as how to prevent the problem from happening again in the future. We realize new members can not reply to us and most messages are for information purposes to help you to avoid making the same mistake. If you can reply or send a greeting we do ask that you do, this lets us know you have read what the problem is and understand what to do about it. Members who can respond and do not and continue to have problems in posting may receive a warning. If you receive 3 warnings our system will disable your access for 2 weeks.

I need to contact a staff member
If you need to contact a staff member and can send a private message or greeting we ask that you communicate that way. You may also post in the Help section for help. Please do not leave any details or private information. One of our staff members will contact you for further instructions.

What is a Supporting Member donation?
Members who wish to donate to help support our forum may do it using our Supporting Member donation area. As a gift for those who donate we will temporarily increase your User Group giving you access to every area of the forum. Supporting Member donations are not intended as a way to "buy a user group" and will be treated as a donation only. Supporting members must follow the same rules all other members do and can lose their posting priveledges if acting inappropriately. Because supporting membership is a donation we do not issue a refund for any reason.

I made a supporting member but my User Group has not changed yet
This is due to your cache in your browser and or our system cache. Once you finalize your donation payment be sure you log out of the forum, close your browser and then log back in. If your user group does not change within 24 hours please contact an Administrator.

I would like to delete my account.
We do not delete accounts this was indicated to you in our Terms of Service. Please do not ask.

Questions about Threads

I would like to upload a new thread but do not know how to
Please review our New thread with attachment rules and tutorial thread, it contains a step by step image guide on how to properly upload a thread.

Threads at or above read access 100
Any thread at or above 100 is pending moderation or has been flagged for extra review. Our staff will try to moderate these within 7 days. If after 7 days the read level has not changed please message a staff member, do not post a help request, it will get deleted.

What is Hidden Content?
Hidden content is an attachment or attachments in a thread that requires you to reply first to the thread before you can gain access to download it. Members who upload may set their attachments to be hidden, additionally staff may change attachments to be hidden. While it is not a requirement to hide attachments it is an option, and because we have always asked that members do take time to thank a member for their contributions instead of treating like a file sharing service (which we are not in any way) this feature has been enabled.

What is a Digest?
Digests are mostly rules at this time and tutorials.
When something is set to digest it stays in the forum it was posted in and you will see a digest icon near the thread. There is no special area for a digest because one could end up anywhere.

A member digest that is not a tutorial or rule is a thread topic that is informative, gets everyone talking about it and has at least 50 replies that add to the conversation or topic. Replies like "thanks for sharing", "great information" etc. Are not counted towards reply total. Basically it takes a really good topic with good feedback or interactive to be considered a Digest.

Why won't my image upload?
Images must be smaller than 600kb. Please resize your image. We only accept certain images please be sure that your image is a .jpg .gif for animations or .png to prevent issues.

My image looks stretched or strange how come?
Our software resizes images larger than 600 pixels wide to be 600 pixels. Sometimes our system does not resize them correctly, to prevent this please do not upload any image larger than 600px in width (height does not matter)

I would like to edit my thread
Members are not permitted to edit a thread once it is posted.

I would like to delete my thread or reply
We do not allow members to delete any threads, replies or comments. If you have a thread you would like to be removed please contact a Staff Member.

Where do I post an announcement of a Red Card on my wall space or other items?
We have a special forum for our members to post announcements. Old threads in this area do get recycled but you will not lose contribution, diamonds or user credits.

I had a thread moved to the "Recycle" area why is it not deleted instead?
We use our recycle area as a temporary storage area where our staff moves threads with issues for a final review. When your thread is in the recycle area you are still getting credit for the thread and any ratings you were given until it is formally deleted by an administrator. This process can take a up to a week depending on the problem and once it is formally deleted you will see a reduction in your user credits. Some threads may remain there but have their attachments removed until we purge our system so the member does not lose any credits earned.

I am a new member and want to upload content but can't search first
New members are encouraged to post new content in small amounts. If we find an issue with your thread, such as a duplicate, it will be moved to a special area so you do not lose any credits. Please note members who abuse this will have all of their threads removed. It does not take much effort to reach Garden Crafter by interacting in other ways.

I posted a new thread but it isn't showing in the forum
All forums require moderation except discussion areas. When you create a new content thread our staff must first review it to make sure that it follows our guidelines, is legible and complete, does not contain any personal information or watermarks or is not a duplicate. The average moderation wait time is 2 days but can take up to 7 days.

My thread has been waiting for days to be approved, why does moderation take so long?
Our staff are all volunteers and donate their time so that everyone can enjoy our forum and be assured that content is useable. The number of staff members in any area can vary from time to time as well as the number of uploads can vary from time to time. During busy periods it will take our staff longer to get items approved. The average time is 2 days but it can take up to 1 week. If your thread is not approved in a week please do contact a staff member if you are able to using private messaging. Please tell them the name of the thread so they can search for it. Sending or posting the link to the thread is not useful when something is waiting moderation because the links will not work for staff or administration.

Please also keep in mind that we do ask that you post your thread correctly with all of the information we ask filled out. Threads which are not correctly posted take our staff extra time to moderate that could be spent working on other threads. An average thread can take about 5 minutes to moderate with experience, threads that are missing information, have incorrect information or other problems can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to correct. By posting a new thread correctly you will save staff valuable time and your thread will be moderated quicker.

My Thread, reply, comment, blog or wall space message has automatically been sent to moderation why?
Our system does have a word filter to prevent individuals from abusing the forum, making threats or otherwise unhealthy behavior. Each day these threads are reviewed by an administrator and approved if appropriate.

Where can I post a personal chatting thread?
Members are asked to post personal chat threads (please do not post personal information identifying you) Free Chat.  Threads that appear to be spam threads for the purpose of inflating or increasing your User Group will also be deleted and a warning may be issued. Do not abuse our forums.

What is the Free Chat Discussion Forum for?
The Free Chat Discussion forum is for every day chatting not specifically related to a Craft. All Topics are welcome.
There are individual forums in each main Crafting area to chat about a specific craft.

Why were my Diary threads deleted?
There are several reasons why your thread or threads were deleted:
Members may only post a total of 2 diary threads per day, this reduces spamming threads for points.
You forgot to add a photo of your work
You used a photo that was not yours or was the original photo from the designer.
Your photo had a watermark that was not your member name.

Questions about Attachments

What type of attachments are permitted?
We only accept pdf, xls, xlsx, zip, rar, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, xsd files.
We do not accept accept document files either in an archive file or uploaded directly.

Can I upload an individual pattern from a book, magazine or pamphlet?
No, we do not accept individual patterns from books, magazines or pamphlets in most cases.
The exceptions are
If the original source is vintage and or no longer available as a full edition
If a pattern is published in a non craft related book or magazine such as womens magazines, journals or newspapers
If the instructions are being sold individually outside of a publication. The attachment must be the individual item and not ripped from a publication.Magazines with ads removed
There may be other reasons where an individual resoure is permitted.

Can I upload an e-book?
We do not accept books which are in .epub, .mobi or other device orientated files.

Can I upload a converted e-book?
We do not accept converted e-books that do not have the page numbers included in them. Current software used to convert these files do not properly format, they do not include the page numbers, they often add extra blank spaces or extra pages creating for a much larger than normal book. Only in certain situations may an actual converted e-book be permitted. The book must have a table of contents, it must have correct page numbering, book may not have blank pages or excess pages added to it.

How do I open a Cross Stitch file?
.xsd and .pat files require a special program. We suggest you use Patternmaker for .pat files and PCStitch for .xsd files.
Please see this thread for more information

How to I open or create a .rar archive file?
You will need to use a specific program such as WinRar to open these or create these types of files. Please see the tutorial listed at the bottom of this thread

I downloaded an attachment that had a problem what do I do and can I get a refund?
Our staff makes every effort to ensure content on our forum is complete and legible during the moderation process. If you find there is an attachment that has a problem please use the "Report" link at the bottom right side of the thread. Please indicate what the problem is in the report and it will be reviewed by staff. Try downloading the item again after you have deleted the original one, sometimes an attachment can get corrupted during download. If there is a problem with the attachment it will be removed but we do not refund members for the amount they paid. We offer many easy ways to earn free diamonds every day and our "fees" are so low that we find most members do not mind losing 11 diamonds while using our free service.

Questions about Forum Features

I would like to make a request
Members who are at least a Garden Crafter may make special requests for educational material in the Requests portion of the forum. Requests require a minimum of 110 diamonds to make. The fees associated with a request are taken the moment you post a thread. Members may offer as much as they would like to.
Members may not make anonymous requests. Members may not have more than 10 open requests at one time (certain exceptions apply). Members can earn extra bonuses from our staff by filling a request.
Once your request is filled be sure to go back to the thread and set the "best answer" to the reply from the person who posted the item for you. Do not set a best answer if someone other than the person who fills it posts that the thread was moderated.

I would like to increase a request or add to a request reward
We no longer allow extra rewards for requests.

I filled a request when do I get the reward?
Members are asked to set the "best answer" when the request is filled, sometimes this may not happen so one of our staff members will take care of this as well as contact anyone who has offered extra diamonds for the request to ensure you receive the entire amount offered. Please do not post the link to a filled request if you did not personally fill it.

I would like to remove my request and get a refund
Members can not delete their requests, only staff members may. Please PM a staff member to ask that your thread be removed. You will not receive a refund for your request.

A Task is missing
Sometimes hourly tasks may disappear from your available Tasks list when this happens check the Waiting Tasks link on the Tasks page to see if you need to do anything or to see how much time you must wait to do the Task again.

I use a tablet or device and can not do hourly tasks
If you view the forum using the mobile site you will not be able to do tasks. To do tasks look on the very bottom of any page on our forum and click on the "PC Version" to correct.

A Lottery is missing
We run special lotteries during special occasions such as holidays, these  lotteries are only for a limited time and are removed when that time has passed.

How do I send diamonds to another member?
Members who are at least a Junior Crafter can give diamonds to any member they would like by clicking on the "settings" link at the upper right portion of the forum. Click on the "Points" link and then the "Transfer" Link. Type in the name of the member you want to send diamonds to and enter your password and press Transfer. The diamonds will be immediately sent but please note we do charge a site tax of 10% to use this service. This tutorial gives you a step by step image instruction.

Can I send contribution to another member?
No, our system does not permit members to send contribution to other members.

I use a device such as a tablet or phone to view the forum, how come I can not upload files?
This is a problem with the operating systems on tablets and phones, they prevent individuals from uploading content anywhere on the internet. This is not something we can fix on our forum. We suggest you connect with a computer or you can "jail break" your operating system to permit uploads. Please note that by "jail breaking" your operating system that it may void any warranties because you are making a change to your device that it was not intended for.

Post time: 2018-07-12 11:57:29
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Thank you for the reminders Grandmother!
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Post time: 2018-07-12 17:09:42
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thank you for the info
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Post time: 2018-07-12 17:25:08
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thank you for the reminders, have a nice weekend
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Thanks for the information, grandmother.
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Post time: 2018-07-13 11:20:49
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Very usefull, thanks for posting grandmother.
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Thanks for the information
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Post time: 2018-07-16 03:01:08
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Very good useful information for all members, new and old.. Thank you grandmother..:):)
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